Water Balloon Games That Beat the Summer Heat

posted: 06/29/18
by: Kristine Boyd

It is that time of year when the weather starts calling for those scorching summer days. Even on the hottest of days, the kids are still ready for their daily itinerary. When major heat waves happen, simply playing games outside usually isn't an option. But don't worry we have the perfect, cool summer solution: water balloons! These fun water games will leave your kids busy for hours without being affected by that sizzling summer heat!

Classic Water Balloon Fight

How could we talk about water balloon games without mentioning a classic? Water balloon fights are top of the list when it comes to fun water games. The objective is simply 2 teams who try and make the most water balloons and use them to hit the opposition. This game is fun for kids and parents alike!


Batter up! Who says you can only play baseball with a ball? Water balloons are a fun way to play this classic sport while also beating that summer heat. Use a water balloon as you would a baseball and have fun hitting homeruns all day long!

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Water Balloon Smash

This is the same idea of a watermelon smash but using water balloons. Find the biggest water balloons you can find and fill them until they are on the verge of popping. Then find launch them from your deck or window to see the epic water balloon smash!


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Instead of getting candy when you hit the pi?ata, you get a splash! This is more like a mystery game of who will get soaked and who will make it out dry! The kids will love this fun, water version of pi?ata and will be asking to play this all summer long.

Water Balloon Toss

Another oldie, but a goodie! Have groups of 2 stand on opposite sides of each other and toss. With every successful toss, each team member must take a step away from their partner making it more difficult as you go. If you pop your balloon, you're out. The last team standing, wins!

Those hot summer days can be tricky when finding things to do. Especially if you don't belong to a pool or have a body of water nearby! These simple water balloon games are sure to beat that scorching, summer heat and allow your kids to have a blast!