Undeniably Slim Model Denied by Modeling Industry for Being “Too Big”

posted: 08/27/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Just looking at Agnes Hedengard, it's hard to imagine anyone referring to her as "too big," but according to the Swedish model, her business has been denying her work for that reason.

Agnes posted a video called "Too Big for the Industry," in which she shows her underwear-clad body as evidence of what the agencies have deemed too sizeable. And if visual evidence alone isn't enough, she notes that her body mass index is 17.5 -- the National Institutes of Health deems anything below 18.5 to be "underweight."

"They think my butt is too big, and they think my hips are too wide," she says in the video, which surpassed 1 million views in just three days. "According to the model industry, you cannot look like this. You need to be thinner."

And in case the video isn't enough evidence of her model-worthy-ness, here are some stunning photos Agnes posted to her Instagram account:


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Only at #K?KEN ?

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Hers is a message that's worth hearing no matter your size, which is: "Love yourself. Don't let anyone tell you any different."