• Worst-Dressed Couple in America

Worst-Dressed Couple in America

After over 100 successful rebirths, Stacy and Clinton realize that style problems seep into even the most intimate relationships. Couples throughout the United States and Canada are desperate for help and are so far gone they can't even help each other!

The fashion duo puts out the call in search of "America's Worst Dressed Couple," and hundreds of applications rain in from all over North America. Stacy and Clinton dig through the tapes in search of the three most "needy" couples to bring to New York.

Once the three worst are chosen, they are put through a series of inquiries, tests and challenges to find out which couple truly deserves the $10,000 and, of course, the infamous title of "America's Worst Dressed Couple."

Video Sneak Preview: Watch as the couples are invited on the show.

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