Time Warp to 21st Century Makeover

posted: 05/03/12


Body Type: Athletic

Lynn's had the same style for 20 years, which made her stand out from the crowd in a What Not to Wear casting call in Times Square. She is deathly afraid of change, so she's kept the same hairstyle, makeup routine and style of clothing for way too long. She gained a lot of weight and doesn't know how to dress. Not only does she dress like Joan Jett, but also softens her eyeliner pencil with a lighter for an intense line! The only day of the week Lynn doesn't wear black is on Wednesdays, which she's reserved for the color brown. Will Stacy and Clinton help Lynn get out of her time warp and into the 21st century?


Fashion Don'ts

  • Clinton says, "No black leather trench coats unless you have a posse of ho's.".
  • Don't wear reindeer sweaters or denim coats with plaid lining.
  • No matching pants and tops ensembles.
  • Don't wear all white leather sneakers, unless your profession calls for it.
  • Don't dress like you're Joan Jett.

Fashion Do's

  • Chocolate brown is the ideal antidote to black as it's not as harsh.
  • Look for modern prints.
  • Get inspiration from colors in prints to determine accessories.
  • When shopping for jeans, always fit the biggest part of you first.
  • Wide-leg pants look best for fuller figures.
  • V-necks elongate the neck.
  • Look for clothes that are figure flattering.

Nick Arrojo's Hair Transformation

Lynn has a hair style she describes as vintage. With feathered wings, stylist Nick Arrojo is ready to give her a modern look. He begins by coloring her hair to enhance shine. Next, he gives her a razor cut into a lumbered shape for texture and volume. To style, Nick applies styling cream on damp hair and uses his fingers to fluff as he blow dries her locks. A light spritz of hair spray and Lynn's new hairdo is done.

Carmindy's Makeover

Lynn has some old school ways of applying makeup, including heating her eyeliner pencil with a lighter to create a more intense line, using Vaseline as a makeup remover and drawing in her own lip peaks with heavy lip liner. Carmindy has her work cut out for her, but she's ready for the challenge. The first step is to remove all of her makeup using actual makeup remover pads. Once Lynn is fresh-face, Carmindy shows her how to get a hot, sexy and cool look.

First, Carmindy uses a black gel eyeliner on the upper lash line. She explains to Lynn that applying liner on the inner lids makes eyes look small. Next, a quartz color is swept on Lynn's lids and black mascara polishes off her eyes. Lynn has naturally beautiful lips and Carmindy makes her promise to not draw in her own lip peaks anymore. She applies a light lip gloss to finish Lynn's amazing makeover.


Takeaway Tip:

A modern coat is a must-have for any woman's wardrobe.

Get This!

  • Rust Coat, Loehmann's, $200
  • Camel Leather Bag, Perlina, $100
  • Teal and Gold Chain Necklace, Catherine Stern, $15
  • Gold and Silver Hoop Earrings, Filene's Basement, $13

Other Items Featured in this Episode

  • Camel Leather Trapeze Coat, Loehmann's, $200
  • Top with A-Line Bodice, Max Studio, $78
  • Indigo Blue Boot Cut Jeans, Abby Z, $125
  • Forest Green Leather Bag, Loehmann's, $90
  • A-Line Print Dress, Jones New York, no price available
  • Red Pumps, Stuart Weitzman, no price available
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