Thrift-Store Junkie Makeover

posted: 05/03/12


Body Type: Curvy

Michelle, 27, is a frumpy thrift-store junkie obsessed with scarves. Friends call her an "urban gypsy," but while her style is full of clashing patterns and loud colors, Michelle is a wallflower. She's never been on a date, and lacks the confidence to meet new people. Michelle's friends worry that she's distracting potential suitors with her crazy facade, so they've called on Stacy and Clinton to help reveal the woman behind the wacky wardrobe.

Fashion Don'ts

  • Don't buy clothes that amuse you.
  • Costumes aren't clothes.
  • Don't wear pants that don't fit.
  • The crotch should actually be near your anatomical crotch.
  • Don't wear wide, flat sandals if you have larger feet, they only make them look bigger.

Fashion Do's

  • Always have one piece of your outfit that's the star, with the rest supporting it. For example, pair a print with a neutral.
  • Bright shoes are a great way to have fun with an outfit and it's easy to switch them around.
  • Keep accessories neutral with prints.
  • Emphasize the waist with cinched jackets or wrap tops.

Nick Arrojo's Hair Transformation

Michelle is showing a lot of forehead with her $10 haircut. Nick wants to soften her up with bangs and light highlights. To begin, he highlighted Michelle's hair to create a soft, shimmer color. Next, Nick cut her hair with a razor to create a short, playful pixie cut. To style, Nick used a volume foam for hold and separation.

Carmindy's Makeover

Other than lip gloss, Michelle doesn't wear any makeup. Carmindy shows her how to take her natural beauty to the next level with a few quick tips.

First, Carmindy shapes Michelle's unruly eyebrows using an eyebrow brush to sweep brows up, then trimmed the excess with cuticle scissors. To finish, Carmindy used both needle-nose and slanted tweezers to polish Michelle's brows.

Carmindy gave her a smoky eye with a dark eyeliner and gunmetal gray shadow right on the lid. To finish, Carmindy applied a pink blush and rosy brown lipstick with a layer of sparkling champagne lip gloss on top.


Takeaway Tip:

Remember, funky and quirky can be modern with the right prints and shape.

Get This!

  • Brown Lace Camisole, Esprit, $26
  • Blouse, Petticoat Alley, $68
  • Brown Walking Shorts, Banana Republic, $49
  • Sandals, Magdesians, $80
  • Gold Charm Necklace, Kenneth Cole, $30
  • Green Leather bag, Etienne Aigner, $118

Takeaway Tip:

Instead of buying a lot of inexpensive items, invest in clothing that has multiple uses which means they are worth the money.

Get This!

  • Floral Dress, Suze Chin, $128
  • Long Gold Link Necklace, Ralph Lauren, $58
  • Gold Heels, David Tate, $90
  • Bracelet, H & M, $7
  • Ring, H & M, $5
  • Orange Bangle, Aqua, $30
  • Gold Circle Bracelet, Kenneth Cole, $38

Other Items Featured in this Episode

  • Leopard Blouse, Esprit, $50
  • Denim Skirt, Deija Fleur, $127
  • Pink Cardigan, Banana Republic, $69
  • Black Pumps, Moda, $112
  • Geometric Necklace, Kenneth Cole, $42
  • Neutral Patent Belt, Zara, $19
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