Season 8: Teresa S.’s Makeover

posted: 06/20/11
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Teresa takes a few fashion punches from Stacy and Clinton.


Body Type: Athletic

Problem: Teresa's masculine workout clothing is going ten rounds with her feminine side, and Stacy and Clinton want to show her how to dress softer and still feel like a powerful woman.


Teresa is a single 38 year old who struggled with her weight and self-esteem her whole life. Six years ago, Teresa lost 75 pounds and found a stronger, more confident self through boxing. With her confidence on the rise, she started a non-profit boxing school to inspire other women to take control of their lives. Unfortunately, her passionate message of empowerment is being knocked out by her badass look of hardcore tanks and dreadful dude gear.

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Teresa's 360 outfit choices look mostly masculine


  • Your fashion should reflect you, but not keep others away. It should communicate all of you.
  • There's a difference between coming off as a badass and coming off as the sloppy owner of a boxing non-profit.
  • Dress to match your personality, Teresa is bubbly, complicated and high energy, but that isn't translated in her fashion.
  • Women can wear pants and tank tops, but they should be evening trousers and a tank for evening-wear not athletic-wear.
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Teresa's rules mannequin


  • Wearing a jean that is a bit more relaxed fit and a knit cardigan with a tank underneath it will feel like the t-shirts you're used to.
  • Leather jackets are a great way to have a tough edge, but when used as a completer piece can really make an outfit.
  • Take your personality and put it into your fashion, if you're high energy then add visual interest.
  • Appropriate clothing for women should fit in the personalities as well as in the body. Wearing clothes made for men does neither.

Get This Look!

  • Jacket: Distressed Leather Jacket Bisque, Burning Torch by Karyn Craven from Factory PR
  • Blouse: Multi-color tye dye print silk blouse, Maisonette 1977
  • Pants: Grey with taupe stripe wool trouser, Banana Republic
  • Necklace: Ruby pendant necklace, Stella Flame from Sola
  • Bag: Red Leather day bag, Christopher Kon from Sola
  • Bracelet: Silver and gold leather cord wrap bracelet, Chan Luu
  • Accessory: Olive Green oxford bootie, Frye
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Teresa's about to get her hair and makeup done

Ted's Transformation

In talking with Teresa, Ted uncovered how she feels about herself. He creates a hairstyle that is chic, modern, feminine and strong at the same time.

  • Color: Loreal Professional single process hair color from the scalp
  • Wash: Shampooed with Ted Gibson Captivating Copper shampoo
  • Condition: Conditioned with Ted Gibson Captivating Copper conditioner
  • Cut: Leaving length on top Ted shortened the sides and the back to create a narrower look to elongate the face
  • Style: Used "Tame it" shine lotion by Ted Gibson and "Fix it" gel by Ted Gibson

Carmindy's Makeover

Camindy recognized Teresa's fear about having to portray someone else, so she enhanced her natural features and pumped them up.

Teresa's Step-by-step Makeup

  1. Use Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy air brush spray make up all over face with a non-latex sponge
  2. Apply Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy cream blush
  3. Dust Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy loose powder all over face
  4. Apply the Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy highlighter shade from the metallic palette; under brows, on inner corners, of eyes and on top of cheekbones.
  5. Apply Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy black liner on upper lashes and smooth over with and angle brush.
  6. Apply Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy black mascara to top lashes only
  7. Apply Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy lip gloss
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Teresa's casual reveal outfit

The process is about taking your style and using yourself to your best advantage. At first Teresa resisted, but now understands how to accomplish that goal.

Get This Look!

  • Brown leather jacket by Dex: Precision, $98
  • Snakeskin print top by Gemma: National Jean Co., $140
  • Magenta embellished scarf: White House Black Market, $48
  • Hudson boot cut jeans by Habitual: National Jean Co., $194
  • Silver hoop earrings by Lucky Brand: Macys, $18
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Teresa's professional-wear reveal outfit.

Teresa used texture and shine to a simple chic look complete with her first handbag. Knowing she loves her strong body is the first step in dressing it properly.

  • Black wide leg trouser: White House Black Market, $88
  • Brass & rhinestone earrings: Banana Republic, $25
  • Silver braided bracelet: Banana Republic, $45
  • Metal, bead, rhinestone bracelet by Nine West: Macy's, $42
  • Black top by BCBG: Macy's, $198
  • Pewter chain rhinestone necklace: Banana Republic, $39.50
  • Black lace up heels by Vaneli: DSW, $49.95
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Teresa's life after the makeover

"Do you feel a draft? That's the hole in the roof that my self-esteem just shot through!"

"This process has helped me complete the last piece of my puzzle. Dealing with my self-esteem issues, feeling comfortable in my skin and my clothing and pulling it all together; it's shown me you can be powerful and still be soft."

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