Style-Starved Nutritionist Makeover

posted: 05/03/12


Body Type: Petite

Yorine is a 24-year-old nutritionist whose fashion sense is starving for style. She hides her bright personality behind a tasteless wardrobe of scrubs and oversized t-shirts, and constantly covers her hair with a bland head scarf. Friends and family think that Yorine's lazy attire is holding her back on the dating scene and preventing her from furthering her career. Can Stacy and Clinton help Yorine find a well-balanced wardrobe, or will this young nutritionist cling to her flavorless, immature style?


Fashion Don'ts

  • Don't wear scrubs unless your job requires it, and even then don't wear them outside of work.
  • No plastic shoes, ever.
  • Don't wear jeans with major fading in the thigh and rear; it looks like you sat on a freshly painted bench!.
  • Wearing a scarf around your head should be a rare exception, not the daily rule.
  • Don't wear oversized tees. They just make you look bigger.

Fashion Do's

  • Wedge shoes are easy to wear while giving height.
  • Choose modern floral patterns.
  • Jackets should hit mid-hip and not cover the entire rear end.
  • Look for jackets with beautiful seaming and other feminine details.
  • Find a shape of a dress that's flattering to your figure. A scoop neck is flattering without being too revealing.
  • If you're petite, you must shop in the petite department or have everything tailored.
  • When you have a short torso, define your waist with belts, wrap dresses or shirts that gather above the waist.


Nick Arrojo's Hair Transformation

Yorine wears a head scarf every day to hide her hair. Stylist Nick Arrojo wants to give her a chic, young but professional cut, including bangs. First, he relaxed her hair, then gave her a bob and bangs to frame her face.

Carmindy's Makeover

Yorine doesn't wear any makeup and doesn't know how to apply it either. She doesn't like how foundation feels on her face and wants something quick and easy. Makeup artist Carmindy tells Yorine she can show her some quick steps to a fresh look. First, Carmindy applies a light foundation and then sets it with a loose powder, which also removes excess shine. To enhance Yorine's eyes, Carmindy applies black eyeliner to the upper lashes and then a burgundy wine eye shadow. To finish, Carmindy added some black mascara to Yorine's lashes and some gloss on her lips.


Takeaway Tip:

A dress with details like pleating gives visual interest.

Get This!

  • Green print dress, $198
  • Snake wedges, $30

Takeaway Tip:

A cardigan is a day-to-night piece.

Get This!

  • Brown trousers, $79
  • Snake shoes, $79

Takeaway Tip:

Jackets are great outfit "completers."

Get This!

  • Canvas jacket, $60
  • Patent leather bag, $189
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