Punk to Professional Makeover

posted: 05/03/12


Body Type: Tall and lean

Meet Katherine, a 22-year-old journalism student who is a fashion rebel without a clue. As a teenager, Katherine rebelled against clothing norms and carried her fashion nonsense with her to college. Now, she is graduating from college in a few months and her family is concerned her current style — equal parts emo, punk and disaster — will hold her back from a career as a serious journalist. Katherine likes to stand out, but as Clinton notes, "She should stand out for being stylish, not for being a little off." Stacy and Clinton set out to tame Catherine's fashion rebellion with a few rules.


Fashion Don'ts:

  • Don't wear sweaters that look like they came from the Children's Section.
  • Animal prints are great, but they should be ones that can actually be found in nature.
  • Wide leg pants are only trendy when they fit.
  • Don't wear flat shoes with wide leg trousers.
  • Just say NO to neon jeans.

Fashion Do's:

  • Bold is a statement, but stay away from "bold and adolescent." You want bold and sophisticated.
  • Clinton and Stacy rarely recommend skinny jeans, but a tall, thin frame is the perfect body type for this style.
  • Mix weights of fabric, color, prints and texture for visual interest.
  • Layer neutral colors with unique accessories.
  • Make a statement with jewelry and accessories.
  • Platform shoes are fabulous for long, lean frames. Stacy says, "Platforms will make you look a hundred, thousand miles long. Shut up! People will see you coming from a mile away. That's bold!"
  • Work outfits don't have to be boring, but they do need to fit properly.
  • Remember: There's a fine line between kitsch and crap.


Nick Arrojo's Hair Transformation:

Katherine loves trying new things with her hair as another way of expressing herself, and it shows. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo finds Katherine's hair has been chopped on quite aggressively with bleach on the ends.

Nick uses a demi-permanent color to tone down the blonde and bring back some of Katherine's natural vibrancy. After the color, Nick gives Katherine a graduated bob with fun layers that keeps with her edgy personality.

Carmindy's Makeover:

Katherine's skin type is very porcelain, but she uses lots of dark, glittery eye-shadow colors. Makeup artist Carmindy explains that "tragic" colors conceal the luminosity of Katherine's skin and overshadows her beautiful eyes.

These are Carmindy's steps to create a smoky, rock-n-roll eye with color:

Start with an eggplant colored liquid eyeliner. Then, apply shadow to the entire lid in a purple, eggplant color. Next, use a mid-tone shade, which is lighter than the lid shade (in this case, dark lavender). Apply this color right into the crease.

Lip Tip: If you don't like lipstick or a lot of lip color, use a tinted lip balm.


Takeaway Tips:

  1. Exaggerated collars can give a stronger shoulder.
  2. Tailored clothes are of utmost importance for a professional.

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Takeaway Tip:

This is a really streamlined, classic look and encompasses all of Stacy and Clinton's rules for Katherine. Mix textures, sheen, colors and metallics.

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Takeaway Tips:

  1. High-waisted denim is great for tall, lean figures.
  2. To have fun with clothes, wear pieces that are trendy but pair with a classic piece like a jacket.

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