Mousy Music Director Makeover

posted: 05/03/12


Body Type: Tall and lean

Jennifer, a 40-year-old executive director of a music school, dresses like her 6-year-old students. She's supposed to raise money for the school, but who could take her seriously when she wears sparkly jeans and glittery tank tops? She's also 5'11" and terribly self-conscious. Will Stacy and Clinton be able to convince her to dress like a grown-up and embrace her fabulous height?


Fashion Don'ts:

  • Don't wear jeans with holes in them.
  • T-shirts aren't meant for work.
  • Shelf bras aren't appropriate over the age of 20.
  • Speaking of age-appropriate, no bedazzled jeans after the age of 20 either.

Fashion Do's:

  • At 40 years old, you should start caring about the quality of clothing.
  • Leather is a good quality fabric, it always says luxury.
  • The shape of pants is important. They should fit at the waist and hip and then just flow down straight to the ground.
  • Instead of sneaker, try ballet flats.
  • Invest in wardrobe staples, like the perfect trench coat.
  • Use accessories as a way to express yourself.
  • Take advantage of your curves.

Nick Arrojo's Hair Transformation:

Jennifer looks very plain and ordinary when she's really a very flirtatious and easy-going woman. Nick wants her hair to match her fun personality and gives her blonde highlights. For the cut, he uses a razor to give her a short, graduated layer cut. To style, stylist Nick Arrojo applied volume foam and blow-dried with a flat paddle brush. Finally, a spritz of holding spray completes Jennifer's new look.

Carmindy's Makeover:

Makeup artist Carmindy wants to take Jennifer from plain Jane to va-va-voom without making it too difficult for Jennifer to replicate at home. She shows her a quick and easy makeup regime that begins with a dab of foundation to even out imperfections followed by a pink concealer that combats dark circles under her eyes. Next, Carmindy uses a cream blush to put some color into Jennifer's cheeks and applies black mascara to her lashes. To finish the look, a champagne rose lip stick is applied that almost mimics Jennifer's natural lip color.


Takeaway Tips:

  1. Tall women can wear heels too!
  2. Try a V-neck line, which will take emphasis away from your arms.

Get This!

  1. High Pleated Trousers, Black Halo, $125
  2. Creme Tie Front Top, Nu Collection, $185
  3. Charcoal Jewel Bracelet, Filene's Basement, $15
  4. Diamond Pendant Earrings, Filene's Basement, $20
  5. Black and Silver T-Strap Pumps, Bandolino, $69

Takeaway Tip:

Add a pop of color to every outfit for a subtle, but fun look.

Get This!

  • Green Turtleneck, Zara, $19
  • Charcoal Pencil Skirt, Kensie, $68
  • Plaid Tie Jacket, Zara, $149
  • Gold Drop Earrings, Robert Rose, $10
  • Gold Necklace with Stones, H & M, $7
  • Purple Patent Leather Peep-Toe Heels, Bandolino, $50

Takeaway Tip:

Create a long leg line with a high waist.

Get This!

  • Eggplant Color Trench, Nave, $328
  • Black Dress with Flower Top, Ellie Tahari, $400
  • Tan Stoned Ball Earrings, H & M, $3
  • Brown Clutch, Daniel Ames Couture, $30
  • Patent Leather Brown Heels, Pelle Mode, $40
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