Season 8, Episode 26: Julie

posted: 10/04/11
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The earth-tones and the heavy clothes make Julie look older than she is.
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Julie is a 32-year-old style writer whose baggy bohemian wardrobe should be kept off the catwalk. After a recent breakup and a lifelong history of body insecurities her wardrobe has become a "cover story."

Will Julie be able to close the book on her eccentric ensemble and find a style that both professional and ready for romance? OR will shedding her style shield keep this animal print enthusiast and her growl out of reach?

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Julie's blanket-like sweaters cover up her beauty.

Stacy and Clinton love the fact that Julie has an eye for prints and likes to wear color, however while this mannequin is a "lot of look" it all comes together because of the color-matching between the shoes and cardigan.

  • Grey drawstring handbag by Treesje from Loehmann's
  • Patterned heels by DVF from Zappos
  • Sweater top with ruffle by Moschino from Loehmann's
  • Floral cardigan by Cooperative from Urban Outfitters
  • Blue skirt by Cynthia Steffe
  • Gold bangles (3) by AV Max
  • Gold pendant with stone by Ben Amun
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Julie didn't subscribe to a style before.

After a three day fashion expedition Ted is ready to trim away Julie's hair history. Ted sees Julie's sexy side and decides the best way to bring it out is to go short.

Ted's Hair Transformation

  • Haircut is called a Disconnected Bob with long bangs
  • Single process haircolor with Loreal Professional dark chocolate brown demi permanent
  • Used brazen brown shampoo and condition
  • Styled with build it blowdrying spray and hairsheet styling and tame it shine lotion
  • Used Ted Gibson styling iron to make smooth and shiny.
  • Finished off with Ted Gibson beautiful hold hairspray
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After the hair and makeup Julie really feels the change.

Julie admits to Carmindy she likes her eyes. Carmindy latches onto the positivity and tells her to work up from there.

Carmindy's Step-by-step Makeover

  • Apply liquid foundation all over skin including eyelids
  • Dab on under eye concealer
  • Dust on foundation powder
  • Fill in eyebrows
  • Line upper lash line
  • Apply the contour shade across lid from the storm palette then under lower lash line.
  • Apply the lid shade from the mountain palette in the crease
  • Apply the highlight shade from the storm palette under brows, on inner corners of eyes and on top of cheekbones.
  • Black mascara on top and bottom lashes
  • Blush on apples of cheeks and back to hairline.
  • Apply highlight around lips from storm palette.
  • Lipstick & gloss
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This look really pops with Julie's new hair!

Get This Look!

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Julie seems to love her new look.

Get This Look!

  • Blue backless shirt by Boulee from Big Drop, $136.00
  • Black jeans by MiH Jeans from Poppy, $184.00
  • Black shoes from H&M, $34.95

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Julie's learned a lot and banished her negative feelings and thoughts.

Julie's Final Thoughts

"I would say the little voice inside of me that is really negative has been quieted this week. I've accomplished a lot, but there are so many things that I see on the horizon... this look is going to help me to reach those goals."

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