Season 8, Episode 6: Jordan

posted: 06/15/11
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Jordan gets an earful in the 360


Body type: Athletic

Problem: Even though she's an ex-model, Jordan's insecurities cause her to have problems admitting to herself that she is beautiful.

Jordan is a 44-year-old former model, whose wardrobe is all skate-punk and no style. This IT Specialist from San Diego has coasted along with the "skater-look" for years but it's reached a point of critical mass. Can they launch Jordan into the dating scene looking like a lady or will they take drastic steps to save her from her skater slump?

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Jordan assessess the assessment.
  • Just because you grew up skating with the boys doesn't mean you have to dress like one
  • Forty-four is well past the expiration date for the skater chick look of your youth
  • Baggy clothes are great for the half-pipe, but not great for happy hour
  • Keep in mind how other perceive you, you can't opt-out of the impression you make
  • When you lose a lot of weight, one of the first things you should do is go out and buy new pants!
  • Overcompensate for recent weight loss by wearing something too revealing
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What about this casual outfit?
  • Think of the acronym BASE: Body - Does it look good on my body?, Age appropriate - Is this age appropriate? I don't know means no. Situation - Does it fit the situation?, Expense - Is it worth the money? What is the Cost/Wear?
  • Find clothes that define a waist and show off curves and try to create that hourglass shape
  • Work has parameters; if you create a set of clothing that work together they can be your work "uniform"
  • Layering adds visual interest in an outfit, grey and brown trousers go with everything, and a day dress with a jacket adds definition and style
  • Embellishment is good, sparkle is not to be avoided, but should be done in a classy way
  • Skinny jeans always add more emphasis to the hips and the thighs
  • If you don't have lots of hips and lots of tush a good pant can add width on the bottom half so you don't look top-heavy

Get This Look

  • Dress: Shadow PR - Ann Taylor
  • Jacket: Gap
  • Bracelet: Shine Media - Martine Wester
  • Accessory: Shine Media - Martine Wester
  • Handbag: Filene's Basement - Attienne Aigner
  • Shoes: Ellen Tracy - DSW
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Jordan after hair and makeup

Hair Transformation

Ted added a cool tone brown and highlights off the part. This added a subtle, bold look. To accomplish this he shampooed with Clarity Color Shampoo and Conditioner, styled with build it blowdrying spray and used Tame It Shine Lotion and Beautiful hold Hairspray (all products by Ted Gibson).

Makeup Transformation

Jordan can't see her beauty, but Carmindy knows how to bring it out of her. In Jordan's modeling past she never did her own makeup. Keeping this in mind Carmindy keeps the process simple and light, with accents to bring out the model within.

Step-by-Step Makeup Transformation

  • Apply airbrush spray makeup all over skin and eyelids.
  • Dust on powder all over skin including eyelids.
  • Line upper lash line with blue pencil and smudge with an angle lash and wing it out at ends.
  • Sweep the lid shade from the Mountain Palette across lid and smudge the contour Shade under lower lashline.s.
  • Sweep the highlight under brows on inner corner and on top of cheekbones.
  • Apply bronzer on temples along hairline and under cheekbones in a C formation.
  • Sweep blush on apples of cheeks and back to hairline.
  • Sweep on lip gloss.
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Jordan looks professional!

The blouse makes the perfect hourglass shape with a great silhouette and the white pants make her legs look super long. Plus, adding definition and width to the butt when you don't have lots of hips and lots of tush will balance your look so you don't seem top heavy.

Get This Look!

  • Cobalt ruffle blouse: Trina Turk, $158
  • Gold link and gem pendant necklace: Banana Republic, $45
  • White trousers: Trina Turk, $216
  • Brown snakeskin wedges: Max Studio, $139
  • Metallic clutch: Aldo, $30
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She looks great!

What makes this dress a standout is the great pattern and complimentary colors. It also has a waist-defining cummerbund.

Get This Look

  • Silver metallic purse: Sacco, $235
  • Black kitten heel shoe: Sacco, $178
  • Cream sequin tank: J Crew, $78
  • Blue cardigan: Nordstrom's Rack - Rebecca Taylor, $129.97
  • Grey pencil skirt: Filenes's Basemen - Chaus, $29.99
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Oh, the suspense!

Jordan's Notable Quote

"I was really uncomfortable about myself as far as being pretty, but now I have confidence to say, "Yeah, that does look great! I look pretty!... Now that I've seen what I can be why would I want to go back? I see a beautiful grown woman, not a kid. Not someone that's confused, or lost, or gave up."

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