Season 8, Episode 24: Jillian

posted: 10/03/11
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Jillian's current wardrobe feels as if it's stuck in teenage rebellion mode.
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Name: Jillian

Problem: Jill is a 29-year-old Mom and counselor for gay and trans-gender youth who's wardrobe is stuck between style extremes. Her punk misfit gear to snooze-fest work-wear. Growing up on Long Island, Jill developed a tough goth girl style as a barrier. Fast-forward to today Jill and is still rocking her teen angst apparel, but in her role as community leader she's hiding the real Jill behind bland work duds.

Can Jill overcome her fashion phobias and find a style that's mature, but true to her rebellious roots? Or will she remain a rebel without her clothes.

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Jillian loves the jacket, but that's about it.

At first, Jill doesn't know if she wants to take the $5000. Jill loves her wardrobe and while she doesn't fight the trashing, she is stuck at age 16.

The snakeskin bag puts her off a bit at first, as she has a "soft spot for snakes... and tarantulas." Stacy and Clinton are not surprised.

Get This Look!

  • Grey leather jacket by Shin Choi
  • Olive green & silver tank by Romeo & Juliet Couture from Loehmann's
  • Green & tan patterned shirt by Vivienne Tam from Loehmann's
  • Women's slacks by Zara
  • Clear bangle with black gem byMartine Wester from Shine Media
  • Gold necklace with five hanging stones by Nashelle
  • Belt with snake clasp by Zara
  • Olive suede loafer pump by Stuart Weitzman
  • Snake handbag with gold stitching by Beirn
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After her hair and makeup Jillian realizes she isn't selling out, she's not different, she's still herself.

Ted and Carmindy pull out all the stops and help Jill bring out her adult self.

Ted's Hair Transformation

  • Started off with Loreal professional haircolor in cool brown
  • Shampoo and conditioner in Brazen brown
  • Overlay style haircut: This means the top is longer than the sides and back.
  • Used build it blowdrying spray and hairsheet styling to blowdry with using a medium sized round brush.
  • Tame it shine lotion to give texture to the haircut and shine.

Carmindy's Makeover

  • Apply airbrush spray makeup in Light to the skin with a non-latex sponge.
  • Apply Luminous pressed powder in Neutralizer.
  • Apply the highlight shade to "Carmindize" the face from the Instant Definition Eyeshadow Palette in Storm under the brows, on the inside corners of the eyes and on top of the cheekbones.
  • Use the Forever Stay Eye Pencil in Chocolate Brown to the top lash line only.
  • Apply lift and define mascara in Black to top lashes only.
  • Apply natural powder blush in ethereal.
  • Apply comfort lipcolor in Champagne Rose.
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Her tattoos are accessories on this everyday-wear outfit.

Get This Look!

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Confident and professional, Jillian can wear this while advocating and organizing toward equality and openness in her community.

Get This Look!

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This quintessential little black dress stands in contrast with her tattoos and punky hair, creating a chic edgy look.

Get This Look!

  • H&M Black shift dress from H&M, $34.95
  • Black fishnet tights from Express, $16.50
  • Black jewel bracelet by 2028 from Macy's, $38.00
  • Black jewel bracelet by Monet from Macy's, $38.00
  • Black patent pump by Carlos from DSW, $59.95

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Jillian feels like a "grown up" and she's okay with that.

Notable Quote

"Now that my journey is over I feel like a new but the same Jill, none of my personality changed, none of it got muffled, none of it got hidden."

"It made me inwardly reflect and face things in myself that I was never forced to examine before and that was even more important than the clothes. Because it really forced me to look in alot deeper than I would have normally."

"Before this experience I was hiding myself, for my profession I have to be a leader in this community and that only works when I am comfortable in my own skin."

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