Season 9: Heather’s Makeover

posted: 09/12/11
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Heather's club gal skin-exposing wardrobe doesn't actually reflect her personality.
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Heather Transforms from Club Gal to Hip Mom

Heather is a single, hard-partying, 28 year old. She's a customer service representative who's style has suffered from arrested development when she had her two kids. Now her wardrobe looks more streetwalker than respectable mom and she's hitting the New York City club scene with low cut tops and cheap spandex.

But with a plan of going back to school and finding a new job, Heather needs a major wardrobe upgrade. Will Heather listen to Stacy and Clinton's recommendations to class it up? Or will she flush their advice straight down the drain?

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Can Stacy and Clinton transform this over-exposed club gal to a hip mom of two?

Before the Makeover

Heather's I-don't-care attitude and overexposing wardrobe were doing little to showcase her upbeat personality or prove her dedication to her kids. Stacey and Clinton went to work, found a chink in her armor and started to really get down to the bottom of why she was dressing and acting the way she was.

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The first outfit Stacy & Clinton pull is more subdued than her usual 'drop-it-like-it's-hot' outfits. Will Heather go for it?

Heather's First Recommendation

Get This Look!

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Working with something with more glitz and glamor still did not catch Heather's eye.

Heather's Second Recommendation

Get This Look!

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Her mom-on-the-go look can actually emphasize her upbeat and fun personality, and keep her stylin'!

Day-wear Reveal

Get This Look!

  • Pink jersey tank by Michael by Michael Kors from Macy's, $69.00
  • White cardigan by INC from Macy's, $59.50
  • Denim shorts by Not Your Daughter's Jeans from Macy's, $88.00
  • Turquoise/rhinestone bracelet by Natasha from Filene's Basement, $29.99
  • Silver hoop earrings by Lauren by Ralph Lauren from Filene's Basement, $16.99
  • Multicolored sandals by ShoeWoo, $69.00
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The texture of the cardigan paired with the cream draws the focus to her accessories and her shape rather than just her cleavage.

Professional-wear Reveal

Get This Look!

  • Grey pattern cardigan by Kate Hill from Lord & Taylor, $108.00
  • Sleeveless white blouse by Alfani from Macy's, $39.98
  • Khaki skirt by Lauren by RL from Lord & Taylor, $85.00
  • Gold/black leather and bead necklace by Macy's, $38.00
  • Blue stone bracelet by Leelee's Valise from Leelee's Valise, $84.00
  • Nude sandals w/ chain by Rachel by Rachel Roy from ShoeWoo, $99.00
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Heather's new dress can help show her sexy side and keep her turning heads.

Evening-wear Reveal

Get This Look!

  • Teal/black print dress by Jones New York from Lord & Taylor, $129.00
  • Gold and bead necklace by Kenneth Cole from Macy's, $48.00
  • Gold earrings by Kenneth Cole from Macy's, $26.00
  • Satin ruffle pumps by G by Guess from DSW, $49.95
  • Patent snake black belt by Leelee's Valise, $160.00
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