Go Red Makeover

posted: 05/03/12


Body Type: Average

Carla, a 46-year-old mother and teaching assistant, spends her days chasing after children. After suffering and surviving through two heart attacks, she has become a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association's Go Red campaign. Carla is always helping other people but rarely helps herself and her renewed value of life doesn't extend to a value of style. In addition, Carla struggles to find a balance between looking young and feeling young. Can Stacy and Clinton put some heart into Carla's sad fashion sense?


Fashion Don'ts:

  • Don't do matching mother/daughter outfits.
  • No blanket motifs.
  • Don't match your shoes to the jacket.
  • No pink denim if you're over 18.

Fashion Do's:

  • With suits, the fit is everything. The blazer should close under the bust.
  • Play with color, texture, pattern and shine.
  • Go for dark wash jeans instead of faded blue ones.
  • Outfits don't have to match; the individual pieces should go together.
  • Mix neutrals with prints and color.
  • Dress to accentuate the waist.

Nick Arrojo's Hair Transformation:

Carla's hair often falls out because of its condition and she's worn a hair weave for the last two years, but doesn't like it. She wants something more fashionable and easy to care for. Stylist Nick Arrojo begins by removing the extensions and applies a deep conditioning hair treatment. Then, he cuts her natural hair into a short bob for health and quality. To style, Nick uses frizz serum and a comb to smooth out the roots, then a flat iron for extra smoothness.

Carmindy's Makeover:

Carla explains she is a low maintenance gal so makeup artist Carmindy plans to enhance her natural beauty. She explains that matte powder can take away radiance, so Carmindy uses a translucent powder to set her foundation. For Carla's eyes, Carmindy applies black liner to the upper lash line and a burgundy shadow from the eyeliner to the crease of her eyes. She finishes with some black mascara and an adobe shade of lip stick.


Takeaway Tip:

A high waist line accentuates curves and gives definition.

Get This!

  • Red and Black Jersey Dress, Maggy London, $160
  • Black Pumps, Chinese Laundry, $50
  • Silver Rhinestone Earrings, Banana Republic, $45
  • Black Python Bracelets, NY & Co., $15

Takeaway Tip:

Bold shoes are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit.

Get This!

  • Brown Leather Jacket, Cole Haan, $350
  • Orange Floral Blouse, Nine West, $25
  • Denim Jeans, NY & Co., $35
  • Orange Flats, Jessica Simpson, $59
  • Gold Sunburst Earrings, Banana Republic, $34
  • Green Mock Croc Hand Bag, Jessica Simpson, $90

Other Items Featured in this Episode

  • Teal Blouse, Banana Republic, $54
  • Brown Suit, Anne Klein, $340
  • Giraffe Pointy Heels, Nine West, $89
  • Rhinestone Brooch, NY & Co., $20
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