Frumpy Artist to Winning Performance Makeover

posted: 05/03/12


Body Type: Curvy

Stacy and Clinton discovered the reason What Not to Wear was created in Amanda, a 40-year-old face painter and performer. Believe it or not, her fashion guru is Weird Al Yankovic! Amanda doesn't even have real clothes, but a closet full of costumes. She's looking for the right man, but hides her feminine side in baggy Hawaiian shirts and isn't concerned with style. Amanda says she wants people to know she's unusual right away, but Stacy and Clinton explain she appears more intimidating than unique. Can Stacy and Clinton show Amanda the value of looking and feeling good even when she's not performing?


Fashion Don'ts:

  • Don't wear black athletic sneakers on a date.
  • If you aren't in Hawaii or attending a luau, don't wear Hawaiian prints.
  • Costumes are not real clothes.
  • Clinton says, "Three things that should never be combined include leggings, berets and Hawaiian prints."
  • Don't wear t-shirts as work wear.

Fashion Do's:

  • A v-neck is a great way to de-emphasize a larger bust, and a scoop neck de-emphasizes wide shoulders.
  • Look for shorts with a nice width.
  • Clothing can be sexy and stylish and flattering and quirky.
  • Look for tops and dresses that have a shape, like a wrap dress or a shirt with gathering.
  • A nice wedge shoe is a comfortable option to sneakers.
  • Accessories, like shoes don't have to match the outfit to go together.
  • Prints are great, just look for modern ones.
  • Any dark color is going to be forgiving and slimming as long as it fits well.
  • Add a jacket or cardigan as a "completer" piece.


Nick Arrojo's Hair Transformation:

Amanda likes her naturally curly, gray hair and believes it implies wisdom. She's also concerned with the maintenance that comes with color. Stylist Nick Arrojo explains that there are color options with little commitment and recommends staining Amanda's hair. Hair stains are temporary that can be washed out after several shampoos. Nick also cuts her hair so that it has shape.

Carmindy's Makeover:

The first order of business for Amanda is an eyebrow makeover, which makeup artist Carmindy plucks and shapes with needle-nose tweezers. Next, Carmindy gives Amanda an easy, low-maintenance makeup regime, starting with bronzer applied to the temples, side of face and under the cheekbones. To capture light and illuminate the planes of Amanda's face, Carmindy uses a highlight shadow on top of her cheekbones, corner of the eyes and under the eyebrows. To finalize the look, Carmindy applies a tinted lip balm.


Takeaway Tip:

If you have a large bust, a v-neck top will de-emphasize it.

Get This!

  • Shoes, Coach, $180
  • Cardigan, New York & Co., $80
  • Wrap Top, Bloomingdales, $40

Takeaway Tip:

Bold prints are great when balanced with a classic piece like a denim jacket.

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  • Denim Jacket, Filene's, $40
  • Print Skirt, Filene's, $30
  • Sandals, Nautralizer, $30

Takeaway Tip:

Add a feminine accessory like a flower broach to show of your personality.

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  • Silver Clutch, DSW, $25
  • Purple Dress, Lord & Taylor, $180
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