Season 9: Ebony’s Makeover

posted: 09/19/11
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Before her makeover Ebony didn't really know how to dress herself to achieve her goals.
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Ebony's Style Goes from Last Priority to First Lady

Ebony idolizes Michelle Obama. The First Lady founded the organization that now employs Ebony, but she spent so much time working on her career and carving out a place for herself in corporate America she had completely forgot to look the part!

Sure she had a career to be jealous of, but her senseless fashion was seriously standing in the way of her overall life balance. Can our dynamic fashion duo pull Ebony to the level of her idol Michelle Obama?

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Ebony's fashion was just an amagamation of various pieces and styles.

Before the Makeover

Before Stacy and Clinton got to her, Ebony was a young admirer of Michelle Obama, but had no idea how to dress like her idol.

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It's amazing what a little shopping can do!

Reveal Outfit #1: Day wear

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Ebony looks chic!

Reveal Outfit #2: Day wear

  • Dark jeans by Ann Taylor, $61.60
  • Green floral top by Zara, $29.99
  • Brown leather jacket by Guess from Marshalls, $149.99
  • Gold multi-drop necklace by Meg, $35.00
  • Brown boots by Frye from Nordstroms, $199.99
  • Yelllow bag by Lauren by Ralph Lauren from Marshalls, $139.99
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Ebondy didn't believe in fashion, but now she's embraced it!

Reveal Outfit #3: Evening wear

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