Season 8, Episode 22: Becca

posted: 07/28/11
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Characterized by flesh belts and tiny tank tops, Becca is in desparate need of style resuccitation.
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Contributor: Becca

Body Type: Curvy

Problem: This aspiring doctor's style has gone into cardiac arrest.

Intro: Becca is a 27 year old medical student living in New Orleans with a totally sick collection of tattered low slung jeans and an endless heap of itty-bitty tank tops. Lifelong insecurities and a wicked rebellious streak caused her to opt-out of a style. Now this case of fashion malpractice is putting her at risk of not being taken seriously by patients, or other doctors. With med school coming to an end Clinton and Stacy will use their style scalpels to convince Becca to grow up and start dressing like a medical professional. Or will her tank-top toting, flesh-belt wearing, condition be incurable.

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Looking in the 360 Becca sees a girl who blends in with the background.
  • Create a wardrobe that fits your schedule, just because your schedule is crazy doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be.
  • Struggling with looks is a vicious cycle, you don't feel great about yourself so you don't do anything about it, and since you don't do anything about it you don't feel great about yourself. We need to avoid that mentality altogether. Know you're attractive and start there.
  • You will be overlooked for what you say if you don't dress yourself in a way that commands attention.
  • You are still you. You'll never be cookie-cutter if you don't want to be, but having conventional pieces can really be beneficial.
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Becca dislikes the outfits she's shown. They're too grown up.
  • Wear pants that fit! In this case, pick a pant that is two finger widths below the belly-button.
  • When going to work put on a real pant; black, brown, navy and pair that with a neutral color.
  • Layer creates visual interest in an outfit; one way to do that is to add a bold print with a neutral piece. With this method, no matter what you wear you'll look put together.
  • You should be able to be complimented on your looks just as much as your accomplishments.
  • Get the idea of being cookie-cutter out of your head until you can dress your body.
  • Being narrow under the bust is great; we can emphasize that with a dress that gathers under the bust.
  • Accessories can change even the plainest of clothes into something new and personalized.

Get This Look!

  • Grey studded Cardigan by Ann Klein - Macy's
  • Blue/red dot top by Marc Jacobs - Bloomingdale's
  • Black dress pants by Banana Republic - Banana Republic
  • Black/brown leather lace up shoes by Via Spiga - Zappos
  • Grey bag with zip/tassel by Rebecca Minkoff - Zappos
  • Purple beaded bracelet - Stylist's own
  • Heart and arrow with crest necklace - Stylist's own
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Before herring her hair and makup done Becca was excited, but worried about significant upkeep.

Ted's Comments

Ted compliments Becca on her long neck and jawline. With these features, he wants to cut off a lot of her length. As Becca has tried everything from dreadlocks to her butt to a completely shaved head, she's open, but still looks nervous about the loss of her ponytail - no more pulling her hair back. Ted slips her length right off and donates 6-10 inches of Becca's hair to an organization creating wigs for people with cancer.

Hair Transformation

  • Single Process hair color with L'Oreal professional shampoo and conditioner.
  • Brazen Brown by Ted Gibson
  • Styling hair sheet styling. Build it blow-dry spray
  • Beautiful hair spray
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After getting her hair and makeup done Becca feels like a new person.

Carmindy's Comments

Carmindy calls Becca out on her downer attitude toward her face, specifically her nose and cheeks. Carmindy is convinced Becca will be able to have a lot of fun with makeup.

Step-by-Step Makeup

All Makeup Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy

  • Apply foundation all over face including eyelids
  • Dab on "all over brightener" under eyes
  • Dust Face powder on skin and eyelids
  • Fill in brows with Make up forever brow corrector #3
  • Line upper lash line with pencil and smooth with and angle brush
  • Apply the highlight shade from the storm pallet under brows, on inner corners of the eyes and on top of cheekbones
  • Sweep the lid shade from the Quartz palette from lash line to crease
  • Sweep the contour shade from the quartz palette under the lower lash line with an angle brush.
  • Apply black Mascara on top and bottom lashes
  • Apply Blush
  • Apply highlight around lips and gloss
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She's ready to hand around without hanging out.

Stacy and Clinton's Comments

The neutrals combined with the print add a lot of visual interest while keeping it easy to pull out at 4:30 in the morning. Becca has learned she can put on different clothes without changing her personality - before she felt that in changing her clothes she'd lose herself.

Get This Look!

  • Blue cardigan with black sequin detail by Aqua, Bloomingdales - $80.64
  • Blue print short sleeve top by Joie, Bloomingdales - $75.84
  • Gray pleated Pant by Elie Tahari, Bloomingdale's - $62.16
  • Black oxfords by Steven by Steve Madden, Lord & Taylor - $39.99
  • Blue stone dangle earring
  • Gold link bracelet with jewels
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Using texture and patterns she's created a style that is uniquely her own.

Stacy and Clinton's Comments

This takes the same amount of effort as the old tank, flesh belt and jeans. Its comfortable and she looks even better without it. The dark wash straight leg fitted jean emphasizes her best features.

Get This Look!

  • Printed Scarf by Rachel Roy, Shoe Woo - $29.40
  • Dark wash bootleg denim by SVOBODV, True Boutique - $118.00
  • Brown tweed buckle jacket by Free People, Bloomingdale's - $168.00
  • Black, teal and gray top by Three Dots, Bloomingdale's - $106.00
  • Studded detail purse by Nine West, Shoe Woo - $41.99
  • Leather brown boot by Boutique 9, Shoe Woo - $97.99
  • Studded Cuff purple and white stone, Macys - $15.00
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The color of her dress looks fantastic on her!

Stacy and Clinton's Comments

The green dress paired with the bold accessories and a nude shoe looks very modern and elongates the leg. This new fashion helps capture her inside attitude and adds something new.

Get This Look!

  • Tweed green dress by Kay Under New York, Lord & Taylor - $98.99
  • Nude peep toe pump by BCBGeneration, Lord & Taylor - $78.40
  • Jewel tone beaded necklace, Macys
  • Diamond and chain cuff
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Beca's new look makes her feel more confident, professional and grown up; all things she used to fear.

Notable Quote: "I feel more confident now, I feel like I have something to wear to the hospital that isn't seeking by the rules. I am excited to not only meet their expectations but exceed them." She continues, "I'm surprised at how different I feel. It's a turning point in my life. It's reminded me of how good I feel. I think when I go back to the hospital I'll appreciate being seen more as a professional. This has been one of the best weeks of my life; it's been an amazing transformation. I still feel like myself, but I feel like a better version of myself."

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