Season 8, Episode 22: Becca

Characterized by flesh belts and tiny tank tops, Becca is in desparate need of style resuccitation.

Contributor: Becca

Body Type: Curvy

Problem: This aspiring doctor’s style has gone into cardiac arrest.

Intro: Becca is a 27 year old medical student living in New Orleans with a totally sick collection of tattered low slung jeans and an endless heap of itty-bitty tank tops. Lifelong insecurities and a wicked rebellious streak caused her to opt-out of a style. Now this case of fashion malpractice is putting her at risk of not being taken seriously by patients, or other doctors. With med school coming to an end Clinton and Stacy will use their style scalpels to convince Becca to grow up and start dressing like a medical professional. Or will her tank-top toting, flesh-belt wearing, condition be incurable.


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