Season 8, Episode 20: Amanda R.

posted: 07/27/11
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Amanda's fashion needs to be sent to the recycle bin.
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Contributor: Amanda

Body Type: Medium

Problem: This work-from-home Mom and professional blogger spends her whole life in a work-from-home wardrobe.

Intro: Amanda a 32 year old DC Mom who writes a popular parenting blog, but her grin is hiding some serious self-esteem issues. After having three kids, she's developed an extreme negativity towards her post-baby body. Will Stacy and Clinton be able to yank this blogger out of her frump-tastic sweats? Or will too much self-reflection send her to a complete system meltdown?

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Just because you work from home, doesn't mean you should dress homely.

Amanda's Fashion Don'ts

  • Clothes that suited your purpose in college are no longer appropriate when you're a professional and a Mom.
  • The worst thing you can do for your body and your self-esteem is a cropped paint. It makes it look like your pants no longer fit.
  • Complement your body with clothes that fit, don't camouflage it with sweats.
  • Don't get in your own way, focus on finding things you love that speak to you and look wonderful on your body.
  • Ignore compliments. When people compliment you take it in and own your look.
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Amanda's pink professional-wear is anything but professional.

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  • Remind yourself how good you look.
  • Dresses are great for moms, they're one piece: over the head and out the door.
  • Defining a waist is important, especially with women who've developed a pouch in their lower abdomen after a pregnancy. When that pouch develops, define the waist higher on the body.
  • Taking simple pieces and adding to them are important basis for any wardrobe.

Get This Look!

  • Cognac knee high boots by Stuart Weitzman
  • Tan leather jacket by Apart
  • Burgundy lace tank by Only Hearts
  • Printed tie dress by Mimi Chica - Nordstrom Rack
  • Brown patterned tights by J. Crew
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Amanda looks worried...

Ted's Assessment

Ted tells Amanda that curly haired girls should not be afraid of having more movement to their hair. Ted decides to take some length off and add layers to soften and lift the hair.

Ted's Hair Transformation

  • Cut layers that were soft and not blunt
  • L'Oreal professional hair color
  • Shampoo with Daily Cleanse Daily Nourish Condition by Ted Gibson
  • Tame It Shine Lotion by Ted Gibson
  • Fix It Gel by Ted Gibson
  • Beautiful Hold Hairspray by Ted Gibson
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After her hair and makeup, Amanda looks like she could stop traffic (but not to her blog).

Carmindy's Assessment

Professional women need to present themselves in a new way; even Mom bloggers go to events. You can fit this routine into a fast-paced Mommy lifestyle and even go to an event with a bit more effort.

Carmindy's Makeover

All Makeup is Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy

  • Apply foundation all over including eyes and then dust on powder
  • Line upper lash line with black pencil and smooth over with a flat angle brush
  • Carmindize your face with highlight from the metallic palette under brows, on inner corner and on top of cheekbones
  • Use the contour shade across lid and smudge under lower lash line
  • Apply black mascara on top lashes only
  • Blush on apples and back on cheekbones to hairline
  • Lip gloss
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Amanda's date-nite look is sure to get her husbands heart racing.

Stacy & Clinton's Feedback

The panel in the middle of the dress creates curve and waist by hitting Amanda in the smallest part of her waist. Amanda stopped listening to herself and only listened to others, but this week has helped her put her negativity in the trashcan with her sweatpants.

Get This Look!

  • Black and teal printed dress by BCBG Max Azria, Bloomingdale's - $148.00
  • Gold dangle earrings by Aldo - $15.00
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Amanda's professional look lets her be the cool blogger mom she is.

Stacy & Clinton's Feedback

The outfit Amanda created projects a confident outside to fit her blogger persona. She was ready for change and she embraced the change.

Get This Look!

  • Off-white cardigan by Charter Club, Macy's - $29.98
  • Pink Printed Tank by Eliot, Madewell - $19.99
  • Beaded long necklace by Mint, - $48.00
  • Brown Trouser by Elie Tahari, Bloomingdale's - $248.00
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Amanda's day-wear is great for a young mom on the go!

Stacy & Clinton's Feedback

The dark-wash jean creates a nice tone combined with the jacket. It's tough and sweet, but adds curves, legs and a great feel.

Get This Look!

  • Black Leather Jacket by Identify, Daffy's - $69.99
  • Green/Pink print tank by Broadway & Broome, Madewell - $98.00
  • Black Drop Earrings by Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Macy's - $32.00
  • Dark bootcut earrings by Madewell - $89.50
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Amanda talks about her experience and growth over the last week.

Notable Quote

"Getting to know myself has given me the power to just be more adventurous and risk taking in my everyday life. I know now it's important for me to know who I am as a person."

"This experience is going to make me a better writer because one thing about writing is you need a strong voice and I am more confident about who I am as a professional. It makes me a better mom because being happy with myself is important to me and it's important to my kids. Taking 15 minutes in the morning to focus on myself will be worth it for the rest of the day, rest of the week and probably the rest of my life."

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