Season 8, Episode 21: Alicia M.

posted: 07/18/11
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This clowning around with fashion needs to stop!
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Contributor: Alicia

Body Type: Curvy

Problem: Alicia spends her day job in a clown costume and it's bled into her out-of-work fashion.

Intro: For the pasts 14 years this 45 year old mom of two has been providing for her family with her clowning careers, but it's her kooky costume collection worn as causal-wear that's been getting all the attention. Alicia now has aspirations to enter the corporate world, but can she separate the style of Colors the Clown from Alicia the Mom? Or will her self-deprecating and self-mocking keep her from showing her true colors.

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Alicia makes a face after being shown a sample outfit.

Alicia's Fashion Don'ts:

  • Clothing should not be a costume.
  • Mix stripes and polka dots using bold colors and big prints.
  • Don't use your clothing to distract from your personality or body.
  • Casual clothes do not mean sleepwear.
  • Don't wear a printed pant!
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Alicia likes the print, but not the outfit.

Alicia's Fashion Do's:

  • Mixing an animal print with a small polka dot is acceptable when the prints are small and the colors are neutrals.
  • Denim makes a great base for any outfit - start with a good dark wash jean and build.
  • A print with a solid complementary color on top will sit wonderfully above denim.
  • Separate Colors the Clown from Alicia - there should be no work-play crossover outfits.
  • Know your personality to grab pieces of wardrobe that can reflect that style.

Get This Look!

  • Mustard handbag by Gida Bavari
  • Brown boots by Bare Traps, DSW
  • Purple blazer by LOFT
  • Purple print blouse by Michael by Michael Kors, Loehmann's
  • Gold necklace with silver stones by Ames and Jess
  • Dark jeans by LOFT
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It's minutes before her hair makeover and Alicia ponders the changes.

Ted's Hair Transformation

Because of Alicia's cancer medication, her hair is thinning, and because of her family, she doesn't have a lot of time for Alicia. Ted is going to darken the hair and shorten the length. The darker color will make it look like an increase in volume and thickness and the shortness will open up Alicia's face.

Alicia's Step-by-Step Hair:

  • Single process haircolor from scalp to ends with Loreal Professional haircolor processed for 25 minutes.
  • Shampooed with brazen brown shampoo and captivating copper conditioner
  • Cut her hair into a chin length bob with soft layers to enhance her bone structure
  • Used build it blow drying spray and fix it gel to fill the cuticle and give brilliant shine.
  • Followed up with beautiful hold hairspray to hold in place
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After her hair and makeup Alicia is the one who laughs last.

Carmindy's Makeover

Carmindy assessed Alicia's makeup choices as extremist: she's either all makeup (as Colors the Clown) or almost none (as Alicia). She's going to find a happy medium and show Alicia how to make up her face without overdoing it.

Alicia's Step-by-step Makeup

Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy

  • Airbrush Spray Makeup in Light to medium
  • Fast Fix Concealer in All Over Eye Brightener (color 1022-05)
  • Sheerest Cream Blush in Flush Rougeoiement (color 1010-20)
  • Matte Pressed Powder in Neutralisant (color 1002-01)
  • Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette in Quartz
  • Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette in Storm
  • Lipstick in Rayon (color 1030-55)
  • Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in Sparkling Nude (color 1053-05)

Modlash by Andrea Modlash

  • False Eyelashes #53 Black
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Alicia's animal prints have been tamed.


The jacket and the look really create a good shape for Alicia and she knows that people will look at her in a different light in these clothes.

Get This Look!

  • Tan and green printed tank by Jones New York, Lord & Taylor - $16.55
  • Gray trousers by Lafayette 148, Loehmann's - $61.73
  • Brown tweed blazer by Talbots - $199.00
  • Brown hobo bag by Loft - $99.99
  • Suede heel by Aerosoles - $51.99
  • Green stone earrings by Lucky Brand, Macy's - $25.00
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Alicia's day-wear is classy not clowny.


The subtle sparkle in the shoes and bracelet grab her personality and the clothing and hair color take 10 years off her look.

Get This Look!

  • Purple sequin tank by Loft - $59.50
  • Navy tie front cardigan by Lafayette 148, Lord & Taylor - $238.40
  • Silver bobble necklace by Lucky Brand, Macy's - $25.00
  • Dark wide leg jean by Talbots - $89.00
  • Gold ballet flats by Sam Edelman, DSW - $41.79
  • Silver stretch ring by Loft - $16.50
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Alicia's new outfit takes her clown sparkle and makes it fashionable.


The sparkle in the jacket, pattern and shine make up for the fact that the colors are more neutral. Alicia has an hourglass shape, and she's no longer hiding behind Colors the Clown.

Get This Look!

  • Black and white printed tank by Anne Klein, Lord & Taylor - $69.00
  • Black skirt by Loft - $69.50
  • Multi stone drop earrings by Loft - $29.50
  • Black sequin blazer by Kenneth Cole, Lord & Taylor - $127.20
  • Black peep toe pump by Boutique 9, Macy's - $89.99
  • Silver clutch by Urban Expression, Loehmann's - $29.95
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even if the Clown isn't showing on the outside, Alicia keeps Colors with her.

Alicia Says:

"I realized this week I am a very strong person. I've beaten cancer and I've been a caretaker to a lot of people. I just like the feeling of knowing that I am going to put myself on that list of people to take care of because I deserve it."

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