Season 8: Lizzie’s Makeover

posted: 03/23/11
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Lizzie's wardrobe is a frumpy mess. Lizzie's Makeover Pictures.


Body Type: Thin

Problem: Megawatt brains and sparkling personality are dimmed by the forever-hiking look of her outfits.

Lizzie is a 30-year-old self-described "algae scientist." She's been hiding under the cover of academia and to date has logged four years in undergraduate studies and six years in doctorate studies. The result is a vibrant, brainy specimen of a woman clad in a heap of T-shirts, frumpy sweaters and hiking shoes. The thing is, she's barely a student anymore -- she's the one teaching the kids. Lizzie's also on the cusp of some major changes, like finishing her PhD in alternative energy and getting hitched. She admits that she sometimes wishes that a "beam from outer space would come down and dress me." Enter the twin beams of supreme sartorial therapy, Stacy and Clinton. Can they help Lizzie to understand that there's nothing wrong with having a beautiful mind and a beautiful image?

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Lizzie is not dressing like the beautiful and intelligent woman that she is.

Lizzie's Fashion Don'ts:

  • Kid-wear doesn't translate to professional academia, and can take the focus off of Lizzie's seminars and on to her.
  • Layer utilitarian shirts and jackets with schlumpy sweaters; the resulting look? "Martha Stewart's prison outfit," to quote Stacy.
  • Buy anymore T-shirts; look for casual, fitted blouses instead.
  • Reject brightly colored clothing or accessories.
  • Settle for "pretty enough" -- dare to look downright gorgeous.
  • Try to please others (we're looking at you, Mom).
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One of Lizzie's mannequins.

Lizzie's Fashion Do's:

  • Indulge in a trend, say, like a pair of dark, skinny jeans.
  • Put a form-fitting tweed jacket over an oatmeal sweater to help define your shape but keep the academic aesthetic.
  • Consider pruning your wardrobe of hoodies and anything called a "skort."
  • Layer under cardigans and jackets with tank tops.
  • If you're not used to wearing form-fitting dresses or skirts, try them in neutral colors.

Get This Look!

  • Oxford: B.D. Baggies at Paul Wilmot
  • Blazer: Fabiana Filippi at Lord & Taylor
  • Vest: Exclusive Imports at Zachary's Smile
  • Skirt: Casualaire at Zachary's Smile
  • Bangle: Island at Notanonymous
  • Bangle: Island at Notanonymous
  • Boots: Franco Sarto at Zappos
  • Tote: Tyler Rodnan at Zappos
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Ted and Carmindy show Lizzie how to look like the college professor that she actually is.

Ted's Hair Transformation:

Lizzie tells Ted she doesn't want to look like a grown up but knows her role in academia is changing and she has to adjust. Ted chops a good six inches or so off and then applies a darker color to her hair. The dark color makes her eyes pops and lessens the red tones in her skin. Lizzie's pleased with hair and feels comfortable in the more polished, adult version of her locks.

Carmindy's Makeover:

Lizzie never used makeup before but thought it might be fun to try it out once in a while. Carmindy points out that we have only one life on this planet -- why not have fun and celebrate it in every way.

Mindy's Step-by-Step Makeover:

  • Use a light, natural-looking liquid foundation to even out skin tone.
  • Use highlighter with a fan brush and apply to the top of the cheek bone, underneath the eyebrow and to the corner of eyes.
  • With an eyeliner pencil, smudge chocolate brown liner along lash line.
  • Use a purple-quartz shade in the crease of the eye.
  • Apply rosy blush with big, fluffy powder brush to the apples of cheeks in little circular motions to the hairline.
  • Finish with lip gloss.
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Reveal outfit #1.

Professional Wear Takeaway Tip:

  • When doing a suit, look for a two-button jacket paired with a blouse that has visual interest to soften the harder edges of the suit.

Get This Look!

  • Shirt: Esprit, $59.50
  • Blazer: Esprit, $179.50
  • Skirt: Esprit, $89.50
  • Shoes: Liz Claiborne at DSW, $59.95
  • Earrings: Charter Club at Macy's, $20.00
  • Glasses: Minlim Eyes at Myoptics, $200
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Reveal outfit #2.

Casual Wear Takeaway Tip:

  • Clinton and Stacy remind Lizzie of the casual formula: Great jeans + fun, casual blouse + cardigan with visual interest or detail that makes it stand out.

Get This Look!

  • Jacket: Elevenses at Anthropologie, $79.95
  • Tank: Deletta at Anthropologie, $68.00
  • Cardigan: Anthropologie, $49.95
  • Jeans: Esprit, $69.50
  • Boots: Tahari at DSW, $89.00
  • Necklace: Fossil at Macy's, $32.00
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Reveal outfit #3.

Date Night Dress Takeaway Tip:

  • Nothing puts a little pep in your step like shine. Check out the metallic tweed skirt and the detail on the cardigan. This look is flexible -- it can be worn for a date or for an academic evening event.

Get This Look!

  • Camisole: Esprit, $25.50
  • Sweater: Esprit, $79.50
  • Skirt: J.Crew, $128
  • Shoes: Reaction Kenneth Cole at DSW, $49.95
  • Clutch: Lulu Townsend at DSW, $34.95
  • Bracelet: Alfani at Macy's, $36.00
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A close-up of Lizzie's hiking boots.

Notable Quote

"I think I was nominated for this experience because I kind of had stunted growth. I was really amazed that just after one week I could go from thinking of fashion and being pretty as just frivolous to realizing that it's something that's totally worth embracing and actually important to embrace." -- Lizzie.

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