Twins: Veronica and Valerie

Veronica and Valerie are identical twins. They both live in San Francisco, do similar jobs in advertising accounts, and although they don't dress exactly the same, they are hard to tell apart. Their family and friends think they both look like teenagers rather than 29-year-old women. Their quirky styles are fine on weekends, but in the workplace they just aren't cutting it.

Stacy and Clinton need to show this twosome that even though they are petite, they can look grown up and polished in the right clothes. But what will the twins make of one set of rules a week in New York and $5,000 each? They'll go shopping at the same store - but not at the same time. Will they choose the same things? Nick Arrojo and makeup artist Carmindy see them as two different people - but Veronica and Valerie's hairstyles are the same, and they share an aversion to makeup. Will they allow themselves to be different, or insist on looking alike?


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