The Secrets to “Summerize” Your Current Look

posted: 08/03/12
by: Carmindy and with Sarah Fernandez
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Slip on some bright wedges to update your summer look!
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As summer heats up, many of us have looks that barely show a blip of a change regardless of the weather: Whether you are addicted to denim or like to blend in in black, there are many simple ways that you can update your look to reflect the summer season. These five secret steps will have you looking like you've been waiting all year to show off your summer style but without forcing you to lose your signature look, whatever it may be.

Go Bold with Jewelry

Big beaded necklaces, chandelier earrings, and chunky bracelets in bold colors like turquoise, fuchsia, yellow, coral, and lime green will take your outfit from drab to fab in an instant. You don't have to wear them all at once. Just choose one or two statement pieces to pair with a solid colored dress or even jeans and a t-shirt, and you'll be turning heads left and right. If you are weary of big jewelry, try smaller pieces in the same bold colors to ease your way into summer style.

Update Your Polish

A simple change in nail polish color can make a big difference in your overall look. Next time you have your nails done, ditch the dark red and opt for a pretty pastel, neon bright, or metallic finish. This year's hottest summer nail colors are mint green and orange, but if you want to update your summer look without being too trendy, choose a classic summer color like bright pink or even go with a neutral color or clear coat just to lighten the look from your fall/winter appearance.

Choose Colored Denim

Whether you live in denim or not, colored denim is a great way to add a little--or a lot--of life to your summer wardrobe. Keep wearing your same tops and tees but pair them with yellow, green, orange, red, royal blue, light blue, or even beige denim pants, shorts, or skirts to brighten your look for summer. If so much color is too much for you, then choose classic white denim in place of your blue jeans for your summer wardrobe.

Swap Your Purse

Still lugging that bulky dark purse around that you were carrying back in March? Lighten up! Choose a lighter colored bag such as white or khaki or a brighter colored bag in one of summer's bold colors. If you just can't give up your dark brown or black bag, opt for one in a summer fabric like canvas or linen or choose a natural fiber bag such as one made from jute or rattan.

Slip on New Shoes

Perhaps the biggest giveaway when you haven't made a significant change to your wardrobe from one season to the next is your choice of shoes. Trade in your bulky thick soled and closed toed shoes of cooler seasons for a sandal, flat, or wedge. If black is your color, you don't have to stray, just switch from a closed toe shoe to a flip flop or sandal. Be sure to avoid heavy fabrics like suede, velvet or animal hair. Flats and heels should have a cotton, linen, or light colored leather upper unless they are for special occasions. When it comes to heels, take advantage of being able to go strappy this time of year. And when choosing a sandal, the sky's the limit in terms of style freedom because sandals are summery by nature so you can take your footwear in any direction you'd like.

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