Stacy’s Take: Dawn

posted: 10/18/13

In the final makeover, Stacy and Clinton descend upon Las Vegas to find the ultimate fashion disaster. As soon as Dawn walked by the duo knew that she was the one to ambush. On the series finale we meet the new Dawn, for a new day!

Dawn's not the first person we've seen in fishnets, but what made her stand out? Was she actually surprised?

It's tough to stand out for being inappropriately dressed in Vegas, so the fact that Dawn caught our eye says a lot. Her look was just a whole lotta mess.

Was she surprised? I don't know. She was a super cool cat all the way through, from the ambush to the reveal.

What's your advice to fishnet-lovers everywhere?

Keep it c-l-a-s-s-y. Ripped fish nets may be all the rage with the return of grunge but unless you're walking a catwalk or smoking cigarettes with the bad kids in high school, wear your fishnets like a lady. They are a great alternative to sheer stockings and look appropriately sexy with cocktail dresses. For a take on wearing them during the day, try them with a pencil skirt suit and silk blouse for a chic Miss Moneypenny look.

In the series finale, what were the most important points to hit in 24 hours? Was there anything you honed in on right away, as opposed to the usual steps you take?

I honestly don't remember. The finale was a blur for me, really. Dawn was lovely and not dressing to her potential, but it was such an emotional weekend. Knowing it was our final show, I don't remember in what order we prioritized things.

What are your top three favorite ambushes of all time. And what's your favorite from the final season?

I guess my favorite ambushes were the ones with animals involved. My top fave was the ambush we did at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago where we got to pet Beluga Whales. One time, we fed giraffes at the Philadelphia Zoo (they have huge black tongues, by the way). And then we sat with goats in a petting zoo in Dallas. Though, Clinton says now (9 years later) that was the worst my hair ever looked.

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