Stacy’s Take: Megumi

posted: 10/08/13
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Megumi had trouble confronting her age. How do you convince someone that growing up is part of life, and often rewarding?

Aging is obviously a fact of life, but in a culture which prizes youth so highly, it can be a source of anxiety for many women. What I believe is that attempting to hold on too tightly to your youth in terms of your style actually ages you, making you look even older by contrast. I try to convey that message to women in general and tried in particular with Megumi. As we age, we can embrace a style that feels relevant, instead of trendy, and a look which connotes an acceptance of age instead of a fear of it. No one ever suggested Megumi look dowdy; to the contrary, we wanted her to look sophisticated.

Megumi was clearly a tough contributor, but at the end of the day, do you think she got it?

Yes, Megumi was a tough contributor in that she felt very strongly that her style benefited her life. But we posed questions about where she was in her life. She admitted she had a lot of goals still to reach, none of which felt compatible with her existing style. She wasn't being taken seriously at work nor was she attracting the kind of man she wanted to date. When someone feels they are not reaching their goals, we always pose the same question: Is the image you are giving off synonymous with what you want people to think about you? If there is a disconnect, looking at that image can prove helpful.

Is it possible to predict which contributors will have your advice "stick" and which will revert back immediately? Does it relate to how difficult or easy they are to work with?

Sometimes we can predict who benefits from our advice and who won't, but not always. Even I have been surprised by the effect we've had on some of our contributors. Sometimes the least likely, most stubborn contributors benefit the most. Something we say resonates, just stays with them in a way we couldn't have predicted and they become the biggest advocates of the process.

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