Season 8: Janet’s Makeover

posted: 06/27/11
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Janet's fashion is a bit dated, is it 1983 again already?

Contributor: Janet

Body Type: Average, but Tall

Janet is a NASA employee with style from "Planet Janet." Decades of mommyhood and insecurities about her 5'10" frame have left her stuck in a style black hole. With a new position at work and a newly empty nest, it's about time to step up her game. Will we be able to muster up enough of the Force to get this hard working mom and grandma into the 21st century? Or will this mission burn up on re-entry?

Problem: Janet hasn't updated her style since the 80s, and even her crazy 80s wear is out of this world!

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Janet is offered some other options.

Janet's Fashion Don'ts

  • Don't define yourself by older clothes; you evolve and your wardrobe should too.
  • Don't fight the height. If you're a tall woman, you shouldn't hide it as you're still going to be tall Janet.
  • Literal representation of the actual season is bad. We don't need a walking calendar.
  • Portray yourself improperly in the workplace. Professional-wear connotes a few things:
  • Respect for environment.
  • Respect for yourself.
  • ...and your professional wear connotes how you want to be treated.
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This fashion is not from "Planet Janet," just Earth.

Janet's Fashion Do's

  • Color and pattern is important, think about layering -- or what you can put over a blouse or a cami.
  • Long legs are a sought after trait. Taking a dark wash jean and a low heel will show off that trait and make them look longer.
  • Wear seasonal clothing that embodies the feeling of the seasons.
  • Open you neckline will create a longer neckline and lengthen the look for your torso.
  • For eveningwear, a pencil skirt is timeless and versatile - plus you can show off your legs.

Get This Look!

  • Brown tweed blazer, Talbots
  • Paisley pattern scarf, Talbots
  • Purple tiered blouse, Loft
  • Dark olive trousers by Lafayette 148, Lord & Taylor
  • Red flats by Vigotti,
  • Suede handbag by Steve Madden,
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Janet hadn't changed her hair in 20 years.

Janet hadn't changed her hair in 20 years, but women should change hair colors at least twice a year - with darker hair in the fall and winter and brighter in the spring and summer. The color will make her eyes pop! Janet was carrying around a lot of history in her hair; adding layers will open and emphasize the face.

  1. Cut hair first so he doesn't have to color all of it.
  2. Apply Skin Protector to hairline.
  3. L'Oreal single process hair color - one color on re-growth to line of demarcation, 2nd color from line to ends. Process for 30 min.
  4. Shampoo and Condition
  5. Haircut - Layer hair to add softness
  6. Apply Build it Blow Drying Agent by Ted Gibson, blow dry.
  7. Trim to fine tune cut, finish blow drying, apply Beautiful Hold Hairspray by Ted Gibson.
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Janet's excited and proud of her new wardrobe.

Janet admits she's not as busy being a Mom anymore and wants to get out and have some fun! Carmindy thinks that's a great lifestyle choice. This makeup will take 15 years off her face.

Janet's Step-by-step Makeup:

  1. Foundation: Air Brush Spray Foundation - Spray on skin, tap w/ non-latex sponge. For more coverage, apply to sponge first, stiple on red areas. Get foundation all the way under the eye and on the lid.
  2. Concealer: Apply Concealer under the eyes w/ a fingertip, brush or sponge.
  3. Blush: Smile and tap onto apples of cheeks w/ finger. Go back to the hairline.
  4. Powder: Apply Translucent Powder everywhere there is foundation, incl. eyelids.
  5. Brow Corrector - Put on back of hand, use stiff angle brush to feather on brow.
  6. Eyeliner: Use gel, waterproof eyeline only on upper lash line. Nothing on bottom.
  7. Eye Shadow: Sweep taupe shade across lid. Add purple contour shade under lower last line and into crease. Apply highlight shade under the brow, on the inner corners of the eyes, on top of cheekbones and on the center of the eyelid.
  8. Mascara: Apply to upper lash line only.
  9. Lip Stick: Apply.
  10. Lip Gloss: Apply on top of lip, sticking to the center of lower and upper lips.
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Janet's new cardigan really pops!

The kitten heel makes Janet feel like she's confident and the look made her realize that she can be taken seriously at work. Dressing better for work will help Janet present herself better. Janet used to try to hide, but now she wants to stand out and doesn't mind it at all.

Get This Look!

  • Kitten heel by Ann Klein:, $89
  • Magenta cardigan by Ann Klein: Macy's, $89
  • Tweed skirt by Jones NY: Macy's, $55.59
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Janet's new fashion is modern and marvelous

Janet's made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. While Janet admits that she was a little embarrassed about what she used to wear Stacy and Clinton said to make light of it and laugh it off. Clothes that fit and look good have made Janet feel so much better about herself.

Get This Look!

  • Army green jacket: NY & Company, $149.95
  • Gray long sleeve tunic with jewel bib by Alfani: Macy's, $59
  • Straight leg jeans by Serfontaine:, $174
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Janet's new layers will open and emphasize the face.

Janet didn't even realize she was putting herself last - taking care of other people and doing things for people is great, but the process here has opened her eyes. She realizes she needs to take care of herself too.

Get This Look!

  • Dress: Meg, $175
  • Cuff: NY & Company, $11.47
  • Bold bracelet: Loft. $49.95
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Janet's excited and proud of her new wardrobe.

Notable Quote: "The experience has been more transformative than I would have thought, and interestingly the most transformative part was not external. I feel something within me has shifted. Being joyful about being sexy and beautiful was not something I focused on for many years. I learned you can do that without being shallow if you do it in the right way and with the right intention"

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