Marie, 48, is an attorney. She was nominated by her husband of over 25 years, Gary, who describes his wife as a complete "fashion wreck." Marie likes dark '70s aviator-style sunglasses and only wears black, black and more black. She describes her black obsession as "mix-and-match" - meaning she can wear any top with any bottom. The problem is she wears baggy, outdated suit pieces that are all unmatching shades of faded black. Marie also concedes that she has not changed the length of her hair since the eighth grade.

Stacy and Clinton must introduce Marie to the world of color, and show her that accents of color can still be professional. As an attorney, she will need a suit for appearing in court, but also a more casual professional look for business meetings and errands around town. Can the style gurus brighten up Marie's "Paint it Black" habits?


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Makeovers: Style Tips

Makeovers: Style Tips

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