Season 8: Denise’s Makeover

posted: 02/04/11
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Denise, before the makeover. See more pictures of Denise's makeover.


Body Type: Thin

Problem: Where to begin? There's the pink nightmare of clothing. The mile-high hair. The bows, oh the bows. And a sweet, vivacious gal hiding underneath it all.

Denise is a flight attendant whose style is a blinding display of bling -- so much so that she's transformed herself into a piece of walking performance art. But where does the Technicolor costume party end and the real Denise begin? Can a week-long layover convince Denise that the glitz and glam is smothering her inner sparkle and making her look like Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

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Denise's fashion don't. See more pictures of Denise's makeover.
  • Overdo the lingerie as outwear. A peek of lingerie-like tops are great under sweaters and jackets.
  • Become a pink nightmare -- it's a strong color that can be interspersed rather than smeared on a wardrobe.
  • Use a hot glue gun to self-bedazzle, particularly bedazzling with bows.
  • Drape yourself in oodles of pearl necklaces and bracelets. Choose a couple of chunky accessories instead.
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Denise's mannequin. See more pictures of Denise's makeover.
  • Get a pink fix in accessories like a great handbag.
  • Look for pattern to create drama in an outfit.
  • Find sparkle in a miniskirt that's paired with a basic black shirt.
  • Celebrate your sexuality, but not in a way that's so over the top that it becomes performance art.
  • Invest in a skinny jean.
  • Look for basics in different colors -- for instance a light yellow motorcycle jacket.
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Denise's hair and makeup transformation. See more pictures of Denise's makeover.

Hair Transformation

Ted convinces Denise to take out her hair extensions in exchange for a little poof. He gives her a single process hair color, highlights with lightener and then shampoos with Ted Gibson clarity color to preserve color. He gives her a sexy bang, and not so much poof (thankfully). He finishes with a styling hairsheet and tame it shine lotion.

Makeup Transformation Carmindy points out that a ton of makeup, over-plucked eyebrows and an orange tan are aging. Denise thinks people are going to judge her no matter what. Carmindy tells Denise the extreme makeup isn't giving people a choice and pledges to give her full makeup, albeit it toned down. Denise isn't buying it, though.

Denise's Step-by-Step Makeover

  1. Apply foundation with a non-latex sponge all over face.
  2. Dust on translucent powder.
  3. Sweep bronzer on apples of cheeks and along hairline.
  4. Apply brow corrector.
  5. Cut a pair of fake lashes in half with cuticle scissors. Apply a little lash glue to the back of the hand. Using only the outer halves of the lashes, dab the lash lightly in the glue and apply to outer corners of the eyes.
  6. Sweep champagne pink highlight shade from earth palette under eyebrows and on inner corners of the eyes and on top of cheekbones.
  7. Line upper lash line with black pencil and smooth over with an angle brush.
  8. Apply contour shade from the metallic palette across the lid from the lash line to the crease.
  9. Sweep the lid shade from the metallic palette across the crease.
  10. Use lipstick and gloss.
  11. Apply highlight around lips and gloss.
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Denise's first new look. See more pictures of Denise's makeover.
  • The super-mini skirt is balanced out by the tweed pattern and the clean lines of her blouse.

Get This Look!

  • Clutch: Aldo, $19.98
  • Mini: H&M, $34.95
  • Blouse: Lord & Taylor, Cynthia Steffe, $145
  • Bracelet: Lord & Taylor, $32
  • Hoops: New York & Company, $19.95
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Denise's second new look. See more pictures of Denise's makeover.
  • The ruffle in this sweater gives Denise a sense of playfulness without pandering to doll-like ruffles.

Get This Look!

  • Handbag: Aldo, $42
  • Shoes: Zappos, Nine West, $78.95
  • Tank: Bloomingdale's, Aqua, $78
  • Jacket: Bloomingdale's, Aqua, $238
  • Jeans: Wink, James Jeans, $114
  • Necklace: New York & Company, $22.95
  • Earrings: New York & Company, $New York & Company, 10.95
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Denise's transformation. See more pictures of Denise's makeover.

"This process was amazing. It opened my eyes up to so many things I didn't know. I'm definitely going to return to Denise-ilicious ... Maybe my poof doesn't have to be as big or my eyelashes that thick at the end of the day ... This look will definitely not take getting used to because it's not going to last ... Denise's power of the poof is going to return bedazzled in 3-D to a TV and theater near you." -- Denise

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