Lili is a 25-year-old law student who looks about 15. Just 5 feet tall, this Washington, D.C., native has a "cutesy" look that isn't going to cut it in court. Her mother, aunt and sister are desperate to settle the case, so they've called in our ultimate style gurus: Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London. The evidence of Lili's crimes against fashion is pretty conclusive: overalls, short pants and clunky shoes. In just one short week, this attorney-in-training will have to grow from adolescent to assertive. Lili is put on a strict regime of sexy suits and slick style with hairdresser Nick Arrojo attempting to tame her "bushy" hair and makeup artist Carmindy Bowyer on a mission to conceal her under-eye shadows caused by too much studying! Will the What Not To Wear team transform this petite duckling into a sleek legal eagle before court reconvenes?


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Makeovers: Style Tips

Makeovers: Style Tips

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