Kimberly H.

Bubbly Kim, 33, is one of Chicago's most eligible bachelorettes, but when it comes to her dress sense, Kim's friends think she's selling herself short. Her big sweaters with bold horizontal stripes make her look far larger than she is, and her choice of clothes for a night out does not give potential suitors the right impression.

Kim is shocked her friends don't think she's getting it right, and isn't sure Stacy London and Clinton Kelly can do better. They have to persuade Kim to try clothes that give her a different silhouette, so that her whole appearance is as attractive as her personality. As for her hair, stylist Nick Arrojo wants to give Kim a cut that will allow her natural curls to show, even though Kim has spent years trying to avoid being curly.


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Makeovers: Style Tips

Makeovers: Style Tips

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