Carmindy’s Daily Skin Care Regimen

posted: 05/12/10
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See how to get beautiful skin with these daily tips from Carmindy.

What are the steps in a healthy daily skin care regimen? See these tips from beauty expert Carmindy.

  1. First, wash your face with a gentle cleanser every night.
  2. Exfoliate a few days a week to keep your complexion smooth. I like to use white sugar to exfoliate the skin on my face and body. Simply lather up and buff away with the sugar for a cheap and easy scrub.
  3. Next stay away from harsh alcohol based toners and opt for spritzing your face with natural rose, cucumber or vitamin water.
  4. During the day apply a moisturizer and sunscreen and in the evening use a moisturizer and eye cream.
  5. Keep a lip balm in your bedside drawer to keep lips soft and supple.
  6. If you are prone to break outs, use a sylic acid or glycolic acid lotion that can keep blemishes away.
  7. Don't smoke, stay out of the sun, eat well and exercise for ultimate gorgeous skin.

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