Catching Up With: Tania

posted: 09/19/13

Tania Lopez, Season 10

How has appearing on the show impacted your life?

Being on the show has taught me so much about myself. I never knew or understood that clothing is an essential part of who you are. I always saw it as something to just wear. I never thought that what I wore represented me the wrong way or hid my personality.

What's the best style tip Stacy and Clinton gave you?

Wow -- they gave me so many tips but the one I remember the most is that the clothing I was wearing was hiding who I was: a fun, loving mom and a passionate/talented entrepreneur. That struck my heart like lighting.

What's one surprising thing you learned on the show -- either about yourself, fashion and style, or Stacy and Clinton?

I learned that I actually have a cute body, and that I was putting on all the wrong sizes covering my cute little body up.

What was your favorite part about appearing on the show? Most challenging?

My favorite part was being on The Chew. [Ed. note: Tania was ambushed for 'What Not to Wear' while in the audience for 'The Chew' and showed off her reveal on a later episode.] A year ago I was an audience member and had wished that someday I would be on the other side with Clinton and the gang. My wish came true twice. The most challenging was selecting the clothes; I had never seen so many beautiful clothes and was afraid to select anything because of price and I didn't know whether it would fit a petite lady like me.

If you could give one message to Stacy and Clinton, what would it be?

Stacy and Clinton, you both changed my life. You taught me that I no longer have to hide in the mascot costume and that it is time to show everyone I'm a serious entrepreneur. Love you both!!

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