Catching Up With: Megumi

posted: 10/10/13
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Megumi Hosogai, Season 10

Megumi is a Hollywood real estate agent with an impressive level of confidence, although her style was more childlike caricature than an actual adult woman. Stacy and Clinton swooped in to explain the rules of dressing for your age and prove that what you wear really can change your life.

How has appearing on the show impacted your life?

I have all new outfits to go out in. Also, I started Instagramming my outfits @hellomegumio. I hashtag all the brands I'm wearing to increase brand awareness for MEGUMI-O, my own brand. Hashtagging brands gets me exposure to fashionistas. I started a blog called If I Die First It's Yours. I'm shooting to be a career fashionista now. This is on top of owning an eyewear brand. People compliment me on my style all the time.

What's the best style tip Stacy and Clinton gave you?

Stacy said outfits can be happy and age-appropriate. My dropdown flare Zara skirt (from the show) with my Kate Spade bow necklace is very happy. Also, I got into this mixing patterns thing that Stacy is so into.

What's one surprising thing you learned on the show -- either about yourself, fashion and style, or Stacy and Clinton?

I was really surprised that Stacy and Clinton ate what the crew/production staff ate on Reveal Day. Very down-to-earth of them. I look really classy in long skirts/dresses (not maxi but mid-knee length). And, Rachel Roy makes comfy shoes.

What was your favorite part about appearing on the show? Most challenging?

My favorite part was shopping at Supertrash and getting a ton of new clothes. The most challenging was the grueling schedule. I also was not able to sleep from anticipation and planning out how I was going to put all the pieces together to create ensembles. During taping I laid awake at night thinking about my clothes.

If you could give one message to Stacy and Clinton, what would it be?

Stacy, my outfits are FAB. I am meeting and dating men of a great caliber now and current one I'm dating is in his 40s. Didn't work out with the 65-year-old Israeli diamond dealer. If I get married, well, I'll fly you out and put you up for my destination wedding!

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