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posted: 07/23/13
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Belinda Hill appeared on season 2, and many viewers will remember her as the woman with insanely long locks. Her hair, uncut for more than 30 years, was keeping her style stuck in the past, and it was up to Stacy, Clinton, Nick Arrojo and Carmindy to get her up to date.

How has appearing on the show impacted your life?

Let's just say, "How does being on WNTW not impact your life?" For me ...all things positive. One of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it. I suppose it helps that you are secretly ready, inside, but just not sure how to break out of your old routine and ways.

My dedication to my family and raising 3 daughters at that time was my main focus in life. I did not realize that Roger and the girls were very ready and OK with me spending time on myself and trying to look fashionable again. I had once loved to go shopping and had purses and shoes to match every outfit but could I re-visit that old part of me?

The main thing of it is was the opportunity. Like the old saying, "When opportunity knocks..."well opportunity had not only knocked at my front door but let itself in and went directly into my closet and waited for me to notice!!! I would have been a fool not to go to NYC and have a complete makeover by 2, even then, very well known personalities, INCLUDING shopping money AND a New York salon hairdo...because my hair was a big don't!

What's the best style tip Stacy and Clinton gave you? What's one surprising thing you learned on the show -- either about yourself, fashion and style, or Stacy and Clinton?

What I learned also includes my best style tip...that is being a petite person of 5'2'' means for me a very tailored look or more fitted clothes. Instead of trying to hide my insecurities I could accentuate my assets. LOOK...Mirrors, mirrors mirrors are an intense visual aid!!!

Also I shouldn't be afraid of having my clothes altered for a much better fit and appearance. It was a bit of a struggle at first but then it all made sense. Clothes just started jumping off of hangers into my arms...Haha at least that's what I tell Roger, my husband of 30 years. I have to be kind though, Roger has always been my biggest fan and very supportive, encouraging and open-minded about the whole makeover process. After all, he and my middle daughter, Julia, were the main conspirators and liaisons during the secret footage period. They were very good at keeping it secret!

What was your favorite part about appearing on the show? Most challenging?

One of the main reasons for being on the show was to get a haircut/style. My hair was about 2/3 of my height and according to Nick Arrojo I really had a 'no' style. So my favorite part about being on WNTW was getting a hairstyle make-over!

This was also THE most challenging thing for me, as I had not had a haircut or style since high school and had well over 30 years of hair growth. It was a scary thought to think about finally cutting it and then what to do with it! I knew in my heart that if ever I could do this, it was going to be now, just sad that my family wasn't there to witness the event. A New York salon hair style...YES!...I still love it and have worn my hair even shorter since.

If you could give one message to Stacy and Clinton, what would it be?

My message to Stacy and Clinton is simple...You two have been the most real people on any reality show - always staying true to your mission and focusing on the contributors. They help people feel better about themselves and show people how to work with and be happy about the body/looks they were given. How wonderful to dedicate yourself to those who either willingly (or kicking and screaming) ended up on the show in desperate need of their expertise. In the end, each contributor was given hope, encouragement & confidence to seek out and find what will make them look, and ultimately feel their best... one outfit at a time. It was also inspiring to see the positive reactions on the friends, co-workers and loved ones... truly a great show, always with such a positive outcome!

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you from the bottom of my hem line and heart! I love you Clinton & Stacy.

Huge P.S: One of the greatest blessings to come out of all of this is that my daughter Julia (who nominated me at 13-years-old) was so inspired by the entire experience that after finishing her training at F.I.D.M.( Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in San Francisco she was hired and has been working for Clinton for the past 3 years in New York City.

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