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posted: 01/17/11
Wayne has an awesome reputation for fashion styling some of the world's biggest celebrities and most glamorous women. See
Read more Read less Wayne has an awesome reputation for fashion styling some of the world's biggest celebrities and most glamorous women. See
Wayne has an awesome reputation for fashion styling some of the world's biggest celebrities and most glamorous women. See What Not to Wear accessories pictures.

Wayne has an awesome reputation for fashion styling some of the world's biggest celebrities and most glamorous women. His client list reads like an entertainment and music industry's Who's Who: Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Lauren Hutton, Halle Berry and Meryl Streep to name a few. Born in Bergenfield, N.J., Wayne starred in TV commercials as a child model. He later trained at the Pratt Institute, studying graphic design before becoming a celebrity fashion stylist.

Wayne has been a top fashion stylist for 16 years. He's learned that he can dress anyone, whatever their size, shape or budget. His expertise in spotting a trend, fit, color, balance, design and body shape issues have put him in great demand. He was honored to be asked to feature his costume designs for Janet Jackson and Tina Turner in The Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Rock Style" exhibit. Wayne has been nominated for the coveted VH-1 Vogue Fashion Award for "most stylish video." Other videos that he has styled have won awards on MTV, BET and VH-1. He costume designed and was visual consultant on Tina Turner's "Wildest Dreams" World Tour, "24/7" World Tour, and Janet Jackson's "All for You" World Tour.

Wayne's work as a fashion stylist can be seen on the editorial pages of many magazines, including Elle, Arena, Marie Claire, Us, People, W, Vibe, Premiere, Entertainment Weekly, Italian and British Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar, among others.

Scot Talks Fashion ...

Biggest Fashion Pert Peeve: 1) Women and/or men who dress for their partners and not for themselves. 2) Dressing from the outside in and not the inside out.

Most Common Fashion Blunder: A large woman belting or cinching in her waist and not paying attention to the fact that every other body part is huge. You end up looking like two very unappetizing sausage links connected at the middle.

A Quick Fashion Fix: Invest in a good mirror and an honest friend.

A Personal Fashion Confession: I dress, in real life, like a Malibu, Calif., sloppy housewife headed out to the hip grocery store. Very Pamela Anderson on a down day with her rug rats. I call it moneyed mess. Baggy sweats, old, paint-splattered T-shirts, layered hoodies and UGG shearling boots. Not a sock in sight. Underwear ... if you're lucky. The last thing I can think about at 5 a.m. while heading out to the set to style 40 dancers and a celebrity for a 24-hour-a-day video shoot is my own outfit.

Favorite Rule of Thumb: Here's my favorite rule of thumb: If someone mentions that they have a green thumb and there's not a garden in sight, you should wonder where that thumb has been.

Favorite Accessory: The Sarah Jessica Parker school of accessories: a cute husband in a hit Broadway show.

Favorite Splurge Item: Creme de la Mer and Clair de Peu. If you don't know what they are, you're probably botoxing as we speak.

Favorite Budget Item: The "I love New York" free plastic grocery bags. They are the perfect pooper scooper for the dog. I hoard them. You laugh, but try being on the street in the rain at 11:45 at night with a sick 150-pound Tibetan mastiff. That bag, at that moment, is better than a free Prada laptop case.

Favorite Part of What Not to Wear: I have to say my favorite parts of the show are the "Hits" and the "Secret Filming." The hits are like guerilla warfare and are a total rush! We run in having NO idea what will go on! Will they run? How will they react? The incredulous looks on the victims' faces are wild! The friends are like, "Oh no, what have we done!" When Stacy and I introduce ourselves, trust me, our hearts are pounding, we're ready for anything!

Funniest moment while filming What Not to Wear: The funniest moment in filming was when Stacy and I were trying to explain to a British director what an American "Long Island" women's style might be. "No way," he said, "it could never be that bad." We started to describe the bad sweat suits - the colorful plastic kind that crunch in the crotch and produce heat from the thighs as they rub together. Sounds like a freight train comin' round the bend when they walk. Suddenly, we see a vision up ahead on the Long Island Expressway. Wouldn't you know it, broke-down car, hitchhiking. There she was, our Long Island Lolita, wrapped up like the perfect plastic-wrapped Easter basket, confirming our every fashion fear. Yellow and lavender plastic "casual" wear head to toe with a purple headband. She had "that" mullet hair cut, short and curly on top and long in the back. The look on the director's face was priceless. He had to cut because we couldn't catch our breath from laughing so hard.

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