Season 8, Episode 3: Erin

posted: 03/23/11
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Erin's wardrobe needs some special attention from Stacy and Clinton. Erin's Makeover Pictures.


Body Type: Curvy and petite

Problem: Holding onto a security-blanket wardrobe instead of kicking a painful past to the curb.

Erin is a single, 25-year-old country music magazine writer who uses a shlumpy style of sweats and sleepwear as a security blanket so she can hide from the world. Because of a 30-pound weight gain and multiple reconstructive surgeries on her breasts, Erin is dealing with both physical and emotional scars. Can Stacy and Clinton awaken Erin's confidence and make her feel like a secure, stylish and sexy woman? Or will she write off their style suggestions and sink into further despair?

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Erin shows why she was nominated for What Not to Wear.

Erin's Fashion Don'ts:

  • Go all out with full skirts. A full skirt can be great, but try to stay away from inverted pleats, which can exaggerate hips.
  • Wear sweats to work. Enough said.
  • Shy away from skin-bearing V-necklines. If you're uncomfortable with the amount of skin showing, you can always fill in the negative space with a chunky necklace.
  • Forget about the power of a tailor, the petite woman's best friend.
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One of Erin's mannequins.

Erin's Fashion Do's:

  • Put a little badass in each outfit -- a killer heel or a great accessory can help express your confidence and power.
  • Look for structure in the right places. Seaming on shirts can help define the smallest part of your torso, just under the breasts.
  • Identify your favorite vibrant colors. Brightly colored cardigans can give your work wardrobe a punch while still providing plenty of comfort.
  • Embrace a deep-V neckline to help balance out proportions on the body.

Get This Look!

  • Sandals: Perlinas at Zappos
  • Top: Odille at Anthropologie
  • Bracelet: Giles & Brother
  • Bracelet: Allison Daniel
  • Necklace: Sorrelli
  • Cardigan: J. Crew
  • Bermuda shorts: J. Crew
  • Handbag: Mark Echo at Zappos
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Ted and Carmindy help put the bada-bing in Erin's makeover.

Ted's Hair Transformation:

Erin admits that she hides behind her long locks but is terrified to lose any length. Ted encourages her to change up the dynamic. He helps alleviate her anxiety by walking Erin through the process.

Color: Highlight using lightner. Gloss to tone.

Wash: Shampoo and Condition with Ted Gibson Products.

Cut: Tie hair into two pony tails and cut off length. Cut long layers and swept bangs.

Style: Apply Build it and Fix it products (by Ted Gibson) to wet hair. Blow dry. Finish with Beautiful hold spray by Ted Gibson.

Carmindy's Makeover:

Carmindy gives Erin the basic tools to play up her looks and make her eyes shine. Carmindy even brings out the blue eyeliner!

Erin's Step-by-Step Makeover:

  1. Apply luminizing face primer to face and neck.
  2. Use a non-latex sponge to apply foundation makeup all over your face including eyelids.
  3. Dust translucent powder on face including eyelids.
  4. Fill in brows with Makeup Forever Brow Corrector in #3.
  5. Line upper lash line with Indigo liner.
  6. Sweep on dark shade from the Quartz palette across lid from lash line to crease.
  7. Sweep highlight shade from the Ocean palette on top of cheekbones and apply it under brows and on inner corners of eyes.
  8. Use the contour shade from Quartz palette and smudge under lower lash line with angled brush.
  9. Sweep blush on apples of cheeks and back to hairline.
  10. Apply black mascara on the top and bottom lashes.
  11. Apply lipstick and lip gloss.
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Reveal outfit #1.

Casual Wear Takeaway Tip:

  • The deep V of this shirt helps to show off Erin's face as well as accentuate her waist. Not to mention that the color is pretty fabulous.

Get This Look!

  • Skirt: Eci at Macy's, $44.10
  • Tank: Deletta at Anthropologie, $58
  • Bracelets: Monet at Macy's, $15.12 (each)
  • Earrings: Anthropologie, $38
  • Shoes: Nine West at Lord & Taylor, $55.24
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Reveal outfit #2.

Professional Wear Takeaway Tip:

  • This look is all about creating length. The dark wash jeans with the full legs create long lines that flow away from the waist-defining top.

Get This Look!

  • Pants: Beija Flor at True Boutique, $186.30
  • Jacket: Ellen Tracy at Macy's, $119.50
  • Tank: Bordeaux at Anthropologie, $68
  • Necklace: Banana Republic, $59.99
  • Shoes: Betsey Johnson at DSW, $109.95
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Reveal outfit #3.

Date Night Dress Takeaway Tip:

  • Bada-bing! This dress creates a defining line just under the bust (the smallest part of the torso). The thick straps help to balance out the chest area.

Get This Look!

  • Dress: Xscape at Lord & Taylor, $168.30
  • Bracelet: Monet at Macy's, $30.38
  • Earrings: ABS at Loehmann's, $13.50
  • Shoes: BCBG at Macy's, $71.99
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Erin is a What Not to Wear success!

Notable Quote

"I had no idea that this is who I could be. I feel like I could conquer the world. I don't even know the person that I used to be -- I used to hate everything about the way I looked. Looking in the mirror now, I can't even believe that person existed ... I think that I'm finally a happy, real version of myself." -- Erin.

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