What Not to Wear Comes Out of the Closet!

posted: 01/17/11
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The Hosts of What Not to Wear, Stacy and Clinton
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Executive Producer Michael Klein Answers Some Common Questions and Reveals Some Secrets

Do Stacy and Clinton really throw the clothes away?

The clothing that is worn out or just plain wrong goes in the garbage. Other pieces that are not appropriate for the participant are donated to a local charity. We do, however, allow each participant to keep clothing that has special meaning for them (for instance, a sweater that was once owned by their grandmother). BUT they have to promise to keep it in the back of the closet.

Do Nick and Carmindy do Stacy and Clinton's hair and makeup?

Nick and Carmindy are two of the most sought-after hair and makeup artists in the country. When they are not transforming one of our participants, you will find them at Nick's salon, or working in all parts of the world for various clients and projects. Given their schedule, we have a terrific behind-the-scenes team that takes care of Stacy and Clinton.

Has anyone not completed the process? Has anyone said no?

We are now in the third season, and over the course of some 70 episodes, only one person has declined our offer for a complete transformation. We did decide to discontinue with one participant when we found out they had nominated themselves. We must maintain the integrity of the series. And our "tough love" approach isn't for everyone. That said, every single person that has appeared on the show walks away feeling exuberant, energetic and looks great!

How many people have applied to be on the program? Where are they from?

We receive nearly 500 applications every day from all over North America. And this year we plan to shoot in locations we have never visited before. (Watch out Seattle, Houston, Detroit and others!)

What happens if the participant spends more or less than the allotted $5,000?

Participants are encouraged to stay within the $5,000 limit. Anything that is left over is theirs to keep. I think the most anyone has ever had left is $29.37.

Do Stacy and Clinton keep up with former participants?

Absolutely! We take participants on a journey that can be intense and emotional, though always a lot of fun. Each person spends a great deal of time with Stacy and Clinton, so they get to know each other pretty well. In almost all cases, the participants and Stacy and Clinton exchange phone numbers and email addresses. The best reward is when we get letters from participants' friends and family telling us how the person is doing and how the show has improved their lives.

Are the participants really surprised during the ambushes or is it set up?

This is real-life television. There is no way that we could set up those genuine looks of shock and bewilderment when Stacy and Clinton ambush a participant.

What are some of the more "special" episodes?

We have some really exciting specials planned for this season. In December, watch for the premiere of What Not To Wear "$50,000 Dream Wardrobe". One lucky person is going to have the opportunity to invest in a wardrobe that could last a lifetime!

In spring 2005, look for What Not To Wear "Worst-Dressed Couple in America". Maybe they buy matching outfits, or maybe they're locked into an outdated look. Whatever the style, they think they look fantastic. But their friends and family think they are America's worst-dressed couple.

This past season, we worked with twins, an engaged couple (she nominated him, and we thought she needed a makeover, too) and a high school student. For Season 3, we are planning episodes featuring an expectant mother and a bride and groom - among others.

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