Stacy’s Take: The Perfect Storm

posted: 08/12/13

Stacy London took some time to address the many faux pas we saw in the final season premiere of What Not To Wear, "The Perfect Storm" - including wardrobes that were too tight-fitting and revealing, too boring, and too wild. Here, she tackles some questions about working with each type of fashion disaster.

How does "The Perfect Storm" episode sum up your What Not to Wear experience?

It was like having every bad fashion mistake assault my senses all at the same time. Clinton and I have seen a lot of different fashion mistakes, but the ones that come off the most often were represented here. We had too sexy, too frumpy and too crazy.

What makes up the sexy faux pas that Riana portrays?

She was in tight and inappropriate clothing. I mean, when you have holes in the fastenings of your stockings and you're wearing a dress so short that we see them there in your crotch, you know that there's a problem.

In the episode, why did you classify Megan as frumpy?

Frumpy usually describes somebody who has given up on life in terms of style. When they dress they always wear a sad sack of an outfit. A sack, meaning that you can't see any body or shape because of all the extra fabric.

Taylor was classified as the crazy dresser -- why is that?

Well, in this case, her wardrobe wound up being a lot of Spandex and sheer which could have been put in the sexy category -- but because she was wearing them with dolman sleeves, sort of bat wing sleeves, we got a lot more flying squirrel in a Stevie Nicks kind of way, so it all looked a little crazy.

Was it beneficial that these girls were still in their early 20's?

Yes, they were ripe for picking, I feel like we caught them just in the nick of time. It also seemed perfect to be doing them in our final season because the age difference really hit home to me. These were some young girls. It's the first time that I was like, I'm an old lady; I am an old lady and these are young children. I felt like Clinton and I were their parents. One of them even had vomit on her shoe from partying too hard the night before -- I found that somewhat disgusting and alarming.

20-somethings think they know everything, so it's always interesting to see them kind of shift perspectives. And it's nice to know that you kind of caught them young so that they have the opportunity to do things differently if they choose.

But then there's this unbelievable satisfaction in seeing women who are older, you know, sort of my age, who transform and see themselves differently and have this huge moment because there is an incredible sense of gratitude. In that sense, those women have been living with a style that they didn't like for a long time and they're so grateful to be able to recapture a feeling that they once had about themselves, or maybe never had about themselves. There are pros and cons to both.

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