Stacy’s Take: Lizz from LA

posted: 08/19/13
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Lizz looking glamorous after her makeover!

Lizz is a 44-year-old Hollywood stage mom to her nine children, a full time nursing student and a loving wife -- with a wardrobe that's a combination of outdated maternity clothing and fashion from the 1990s. Lizz rarely finds time for herself, so when Stacy and Clinton ambush her they have a special surprise: a double-the-usual shopping spree worth $10,000.Stacy took some time to answer our questions for an inside look at Lizz's What Not To Wear experience.

What's important for any busy mom to remember when picking out clothing?

For any mom, time for oneself is always a precious commodity. When you have one child, it can be tough to find a minute for yourself but with nine, it seemed like Lizz forgot she even had needs of her own. Especially with all the efforts she made to lose weight after having kids, it was really important for her to find a style that, while convenient, reminded her of not just her own attractiveness, but that she has an identity apart from being so many people's mom. It was amazing to watch her take just a little bit of time to rediscover what clothes, styles, and colors she liked to wear to make her feel confident and proud.

Lizz was told to pick out colored jeans. Why are colored jeans the way to go? Can you still wear traditional denim?

Colored jeans weren't an essential for Lizz and conventional denim would have worked as well, but she loved them and enjoyed them and we felt they were a trend that helped her to feel current and modern after not playing the fashion game for a while.

Tell us about her bra. Where can the average woman get a bra fitting?

Bra fittings are essential. I can't say it enough. And after having children, gaining and losing weight, even more so. If you have a specialty bra shop in your area, those fittings will always be best. I don't mean stores that specialize in lingerie, I mean BRAS. There's a difference. Bras need to make your girls look good under your clothes. Lingerie should make your girls look good without clothes. Feel free to invest in both but you must invest in good bras. If specialty bra fitters are not in your area, most larger department stores do a good job. Where possible, look for department stores where they have both sellers on the floor and fitters in the fitting rooms for the most knowledgeable associates.

What was going through your head during Lizz's reveal?

I thought Lizz looked so refreshed! She was glowing and all I could think was how beautiful and comfortable she looked with herself. I remembered when I first met her husband on her ambush, he said he was about 10 years younger than Lizz. I was so impressed with that. I mean, go Lizz. I wondered if she worried about the age difference, if it made her at all self-conscious, but I realized quickly that their love was much deeper than that. When she walked out at the reveal, I just remember thinking how lucky her husband is to be married to a women of such beauty inside and out. It's the beauty of experience that only comes with age. She is truly just the whole package.

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