What Not To Wear: $50,000 Dream Wardrobe

This is the biggest and most extravagant What Not to Wear ever! Lisa, a New York record executive, has a style more suited to a music video than her boardroom. She dresses to turn heads and she does - but for all the wrong reasons. Lisa is happy in dresses over tanks and jeans, character outfits, and as many accessories as she can fit into the mix - so her friends feel she could be schooled in the finer arts of dressing.

Stacy and Clinton will have to show Lisa how to dress with more chic and less shock. And what better than a shopping trip to Paris and a budget-busting fifty thousand dollars to buy the dream wardrobe? Nick Arrojo and Carmindy cross the Atlantic to temper her wildly distracting hair and accent her hidden features. Can this monster budget and the haute couture shopping experience of a lifetime push Lisa into the unique world of high fashion?


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