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Sandy’s Wedding in Vieques

posted: 07/10/13
by: TLC
Courtesy Sandy Malone

Before Sandy became a wedding planner on Vieques Island, she herself was a bride there! This is her own story of how she met her husband, Bill, and how they started their lives on Vieques.

Bill Malone and Sandy Nelson met in a toy store in the famous Union Station on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Bill was the Midnight Watch Commander for the Metro Transit Police Department and, in uniform, he was shopping for his ever-growing collection of police cars. Sandy innocently asked his opinion of a gag gift she was buying for a police officer friend who was injured in the line of duty, and Bill asked Sandy out to dinner. She politely declined, thinking he was just a little bit too old for her.

A few weeks later, Bill appeared at the 7-Eleven near Sandy's house and insisted on walking her the three blocks back to her home, despite her two dog escorts. They sat on her front steps, and as they talked, a friendship grew. While the 19-year age difference was a little daunting at first, Sandy quickly realized she'd found a gem in the handsome police lieutenant who was also the SWAT team commander for his department.

Bill was persistent. And when wintery weather hit at the same time Sandy was on crutches recovering from knee surgery, he stopped by her house every night to salt the steps and shovel a safe path for her. Sandy came to her senses and realized that her knight in shining armor had arrived in a white unmarked police car rather than on a white horse, and she fell madly, deeply and completely in love with him.

Bill and Sandy were married on Vieques Island on September 4, 2004.

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