Tattoo School: From Wannabes to Working Tattoo Artists

In Tattoo School, prospective tattoo artists enroll in a two-week intensive course on the art of tattooing in hopes of becoming working tattoo artists.

Tattoo School Premieres Thursday, May 24 @ 10/9c

Tattoo School profiles prospective tattoo artists who are given a once-in-a-lifetime, two-week intensive course on the art of tattooing at the World's Only Tattoo School in Shreveport, LA. Instructed by Dr. Bill Pogue, who has over 38 years of teaching experience, the program draws a fascinating array of artists and talented individuals. Whether it's a career change, the desire to explore a secret talent, or an interest in turning their lives around, these students will attempt to develop and master the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to break into the highly-competitive tattoo industry.

During a two-week period of intensive training, students will be tested on three challenges meant to mimic real-world situations they may come across as working tattoo artist. Each challenge will test a specific skill or technique required to become successful in the business. From sketching to actually inking human clients, students will experience all aspects of tattoo artistry.

Upon graduation, students with the best executed and most original tattoo will be gifted a golden gun needle meant to last them their entire careers.

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