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posted: 05/03/12
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Ever wish you could take Chef Stone with you to the supermarket?  Now you can!  Download our new Take Home Chef video podcasts to your iPod and take Curtis with you wherever you go.

* If you are an iTunes user, you can simply click on this button:

iTunes will open and you will be taken to the Take Home Chef video podcast page. From there, you can click the subscribe button to begin your downloads.

Video Podcast FAQ

Q: What is a video podcast?

When you sign up for a video podcast, you are essentially subscribing to the delivery of a video file to your computer. In this case, we will be distributing one video clip per week.

Q: What if I don't have a video iPod or other portable video device?

You can still watch the video files on your machine. You can open these files with a Quicktime Video player, or in iTunes.

Q: I have a PC and I can't find the video on my hard drive.

Check /MyDocs/MyMusic/iTunes/podcasts

Q: I have iTunes and I subscribed to the podcast. Now what?

Open iTunes and then click on the podcasts label on the left. From here, you can watch the clip within iTunes, or you can drag the file on to your video iPod for mobile viewing.

Terms and Conditions:

Discovery Podcast Content Terms and Conditions:

Discovery Communications, Inc. owns all rights in podcast content, which is protected by copyright and other laws and regulations. Your use of podcast content is subject to these terms and conditions and's Visitor Agreement. Please read. You may download podcast content to your personal computer and/or port the content to your portable video player solely for your private, non-commercial use. No redistribution of podcast content is permitted. If you use the podcast content on your Web site, you must do so without any alteration of the content and with no advertising in between your Web site and the link to the content, and you must include the following copyright notice: Copyright 2006 Discovery Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. No rights are granted to any of Discovery's trademarks, icons, logos, or other brand identifiers. Discovery reserves the right to discontinue providing any or all of the Discovery podcast content at any time and to require you to cease using any or all of the Discovery podcast content for any reason. Discovery assumes no liability for any of your activities in connection with the Discovery podcast content with your Web site, computer or portable video player.

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