Take Home Chef Thanksgiving

posted: 05/03/12

It's a week before Thanksgiving when Curtis approaches firemen Ben, Scott and Mike at the supermarket. He offers to make the firemen an extra-special Thanksgiving dinner, since they are scheduled to spend the holiday working. The trio of firefighters accepts Curtis' offer (after calling their chief for permission) and helps him pick up the ingredients to make a Thanksgiving dinner for 13 firemen. 

Back at the station, Curtis gets helping hands from Ben, Scott and Mike as they peel potatoes, cut up pumpkins and prepare the turkeys. During a quick break, Curtis conspires with the fire chief to secretly invite everyone's family over for a truly special surprise. Right before sitting down to dinner, Curtis claims that there's just one more ingredient missing: family. Just then, the giant firehouse door rises revealing the firefighters' families. 

It's all hugs and kisses as the loved ones rush to their husbands and fathers to give them happy pre-holiday greetings. Everyone sits down to a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner.

Curtis' Thanksgiving Menu

Oven Roasted Organic Turkey 

Jus Gras

Italian Sausage Stuffing 

Green Beans with Toasted Almonds

Mashed Potatoes

Gratin of Potato 

Roasted Yams 

Pumpkin Pie with Sweet Pecan Crunch

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