About Sweet 15: Quinceañeras

posted: 09/17/15
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In Miami, there are parties-- and then there are Quinceaneras. A Latin girl's fifteenth birthday party is her entry into womanhood, and each one is a totally unique celebration of family and tradition, from a girl's dance with her father to a court of 30 attendants to incredible themed experiences like a grand entrance under manmade south Florida snow. And nobody knows this world more than cousins Alexis, Jarling and Daniela. Their family-owned business is Bella Quinces, a one-stop shop providing one-of-a-kind memories for these girls and their proud parents. Quincea?eras dresses. Themed photo shoots. High-quality music videos. Stunning photographs on the big day. They do it all--and everything in between.

With roots in Cuba and Puerto Rico, Bella Quinces was started 40 years ago by Alexis's parents. Today he owns the business with his wife Daniela as they keep his parents' dream alive. Alexis's cousin Jarling is the fun-loving one who manages the store. And Alexis's mom, Irmina is officially retired, but stays involved with her family and her store. They are a colorful family with countless other families as clients every day. They've seen traditions change over the years and must always find creative ways to blend the cultural traditions of the past with the new and modern ideas of today. One thing that doesn't change? The need to manage mom's expectations and settle a father's fears as his daughter steps into adulthood.

In the world of Quinceaneras, girls have bigger and bigger plans every year. Photo shoots in hot air balloons, with alligators and camels, and even in Paris. Parties with not one but two or three dresses, and themes stretching from the Roaring Twenties to the polar icecap. And all the while, this family has to fit their own lives in. But from across the ocean, to underwater and high above Miami, this team will do whatever it takes to make their Quinceaneras' dreams come true!

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