About The Man with the 200-lb Tumor

posted: 06/04/12
by: TLC
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Meet Hai Nguyen, the man with the 200-lb tumor.

See pictures from The Man with the 200-lb Tumor. These graphic pictures will take you through a journey of Hai's condition and surgery and may not be suitable for all viewers.

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One of the world's most shocking medical cases lies hidden in a remote region of Vietnam. At first glance, Hai Nguyen looks like any other 31-year-old Vietnamese man. But Hai has been bed-ridden for the past six years, weighed down by a stunning medical abnormality: He has what is, quite possibly, the largest tumor in the world.

Hai suffers from neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on nerves in the body. After a lifetime of slow but steady growth, Hai's tumor now weighs two hundred pounds, twice as much as the rest of his frail body. It is stealing so much blood, that doctors have given Hai less than a year to live.

Vietnam's medical community does not have the experience to remove large tumors. But Hai's friends and supporters get the facts of Hai's case to renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. McKay McKinnon.

Over the past decade, Dr. McKinnon has removed a series of large, life-threatening tumors from patients from around the globe, usually in hospitals near his Chicago home. However, Hai's condition is so severe, it is impossible for him to travel out of Vietnam. Instead, Dr. McKinnon journeys to Ho Chi Minh City to undertake the most difficult surgery of his career -- only to find himself battling a system afraid of taking a chance.

This unforgettable story chronicles how a worldwide effort overcomes a stunning series of setbacks and reversals to save the life of this extraordinary man.

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