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Kelly and Sam: Candid in 140 Characters

posted: 03/18/13
by: TLC
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Kelly & Sam

Kelly and Sam answered their fans' questions about bridal style and their work on Something Borrowed, Something New. Here's the recap of their Twitter chat!

Kelly on Fashion Philosophy and Heirloom Gowns

Q: Will no amount of Oxi-Clean or other cleaner get the dresses white, at least the ones that aren't silk?

A: I soak silk dresses in Oxi-Clean & my secret weapon "Grandma's Secret Spot remover" to get them as clean as possible!

Q: What happens to the family dresses that the brides decide not to choose for their wedding dress?

A: We know all the emotions that are tied up in a family heirloom like a wedding dress... So we do return it to the family, BUT ONLY AFTER the wedding day to ensure that the bride walks down the aisle with the dress she chose on the show.

Q: Do you remember when you felt like you made it in fashion? What was your big break?

A: I'm hard on myself, so I think I'm still trying to reach it, but it feels great when someone big wears your designs!

Q: Who's your fashion inspiration?

A: New school, Alexander McQueen. Old school, Yves St. Laurent and Balenciaga.

Q: How do you manage to wear such fabulous, gravity-defying shoes in the workroom for hours on end?!

A: Well, it's either heels or Uggs for me, and I probably shouldn't wear Uggs on TV.

Q: How long does it take for you to repurpose a dress from start to finish?

A: At LEAST 24 solid hours of work...if not more!

Q: When and how did you first decide you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

A: It was never a decision; it was in my blood. I've been making clothes since I was a little kid!

Q: It seems like most of the brides choose the something new! Is this true?

A: You'd be surprised! It's actually pretty 50/50.

Q: Some people reuse gowns to save money. But can't tailoring cost as much or more than buying a new, inexpensive gown?

A: Yes, if you're altering a dress to look completely different it can cost a lot, but you have to alter new dresses as well.

Q: I need help I don't know how to start to choose a wedding dress!

A: I'd suggest looking on Pinterest to see what you like, and then try things on & see what makes YOU feel good.

Q: What type of wedding gown would you choose for yourself?

A: I want my wedding to be vintage circus, so I'm thinking champagne pink & a top hat!

Q: I cannot get over your jewelry on the show. You have some gorgeous pieces!

A: You can thank Glynneth B. Jewelry -- everything I wear is designed by her, and it's AMAZING.

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Q: What made you want to get into the bridal fashion industry?

A: Weddings make me really happy. I love helping the brides. Their weddings are like their red carpet moment!

Q: I'm getting married October 2014. How long should I wait before dress shopping/purchasing?

A: Some people do it a year ahead of time, but I would suggest a minimum of 9 months. Take into consideration delays & alterations.

Q: Are participants not allowed to keep both dresses?

A: They only get to pick one dress. If they pick the new dress, they get old dress back after their wedding.

Q: What's your all-time favorite color palette?

A: I'm a big fan of neutrals. I also love rich, bright colors for flowers. I'm a big fan of vintage weddings!

Q: What's your favorite part about filming the show?

A: We really never know the brides' pick before she comes out -- it's always such a surprise! That's definitely my favorite part.

Q: Are your feelings hurt when the bride chooses Kelly's dress?

A: There's definitely healthy competition. We always say I'm a good loser but a bad winner because I love to gloat!

Q: Which nonverbal clues help you pick the correct design for your brides?

A: When I'm shopping for the bride on the show, they don't see the dress until they see it on camera. They're blindfolded so there are no nonverbal clues, but if I'm shopping in the store, the nonverbal cue is when the bride gets really quiet & keeps looking at herself.

Q: How long does it take to film an episode?

A: Between shopping, time for Kelly to fix the dress and the reveal, it's three days total.

Q: What's a suggested budget for a wedding dress?

A: Some people allot 10% of their total wedding budget to the dress. The more the merrier!

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