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Meri and Kody

posted: 02/18/11

Meri and Kody's Story

Year Married: 1990

Children: Mariah

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Our Story: During the summer of 1989, I met a new friend through mutual friends. That fall she would introduce me to her brother, the future love of my life and my future husband ...

On October 20, 1989, I met up with my new friend who was visiting from out of town. At that time, she introduced me to Kody, her brother. During that weekend while she was visiting, the three of us hung out together, shopping, going to movies and just having fun together. After she went home, I figured that would probably be the last I would see of Kody for a while. Not so! He continued to stay in touch. We would hang out with mutual friends; he would come over to my house with pizza and spend time with me and my family, or sometimes we'd just go out for ice cream. During this time, I was definitely falling for him, but still pretty on guard, as I was only a few months short of turning 19.

I knew how I felt about him, but I wasn't sure how he felt about me. However, as the next couple of months progressed, he made his intentions known. He would make little leading comments to me. He would look at me with a crooked smile and a wink. I still love that wink. And then, there was the day he finally held my hand for the first time. Because of conversations we had had between us, I knew he was very serious about our relationship to actually hold my hand. A couple weeks later on Christmas Eve - yes, two months after we met - he gave me a ring and asked me to marry him.

We spent the next four months preparing for our wedding. We got married on April 21, 1990, when I was 19 and he was 22. We had both had our birthdays in January, which we always celebrate together since they're just three days apart.

Yes, we were married a short six months and a day from the day we first met. Crazy! I know! We were in love and knew we belonged together, and we had all our parents consent for the union.

Five years later, on July 29, 1995, we very happily welcomed our daughter Mariah into the world. I remember my very first thought about her as she was held up for me to see, even before I knew she was a girl - "Wow, that is the roundest head I have ever seen on a baby." Kody actually announced that she was a boy. The midwife had to correct him, I guess he thought the cord must have been something else. She was the cutest, cuddliest baby. As a young child she had the curliest blond hair. She was a very happy child, always smiling and laughing. She is 15 now, with longer, straighter hair, but she is still the joy to me that she always has been. She is truly a blessing to us.

Like any marriage, ours has had its ups and downs. Sometimes the ups are way up, sometimes the downs are way down. But the thing we have between us that will always be constant and nonwavering is the knowledge and conviction of US. We belong together. We love each other. We are committed to each other. Nothing is as important as family. Kody and I may only have one daughter, but we have been blessed to share her with a beautiful, loving, large family.

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