About Sex, Lies and Zumba

posted: 07/25/13
by: TLC
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The town of Kennebunk, Maine.

On Valentine's Day 2012, police in the seaside town of Kennebunk, Maine, uncovered the worst-kept secret in the neighborhood: The local Zumba teacher was leading a double life as a prostitute. Once considered an inspiration to young women in the community, 29-year-old Alexis Wright suddenly found herself at the center of an unprecedented media circus.

It was the perfect recipe for scandal. A small, idyllic town and summer home to a former president. A prominent businessman acting as Alexis' pimp. Hours of video footage and meticulous records listing detailed information about her clients. But the biggest question on everyone's lips was: Why?

As the mystery grew, so did the finger-pointing and everyone wanted to know who was on the list.

Press from around the world inundated the quaint town as insurance salesman and alleged pimp Mark Strong embarked on a three-week trial to prove his innocence. Journalists reported on his trial daily, but in the end, there were more questions than answers. Soon, everyone's attention turned to the young lady at the eye of the storm. What were Alexis' reasons? Would she talk?

At the eleventh hour, Alexis came forward to reveal one of the biggest twists in the story, but would anyone believe her?

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