About Season 2: True Love in Texas

posted: 09/19/13
by: TLC

On the second season of Secret Princes, four royal bachelors are leaving their kingdoms behind and traveling to America on a journey in search of true love. They're on a valiant mission to meet an American princess who will love them for who they are - not for their title or wealth. The setting for their grand experiment? Austin,Texas!

Ditching their servants, cooks, drivers and staff, the royals take on minimum wage jobs, live in a modest home and learn to dress, act and date like average Americans. With limited means to woo prospective dates, the men have to rely on their charm and wit to find true love. Once their undercover reign comes to an end, they'll reveal their true identities to their American sweethearts at a grand ball. Will they face their first- ever-rejection after the ladies find out they've been lied to, or will they find the fairytale ending they've always wanted?

Meet the Royals:

Prince Alexander of Russia - Direct descendent of the Romanoff dynasty; also known as Francis Mathew; 35 years old. He has had a successful career as a photographer and currently lives in Kent, England. He enjoys keeping fit, rock climbing and reading.

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici of Italy - Heir to the famous Medici dynasty; 37 years old; both Polish and Italian royal bloodlines. His family has a selection of beautiful homes filled with priceless antiques and numerous staff. He spends his time working with several charities and is pursuing his political career. Lorenzo has a passion for cooking and never needs any assistance in the kitchen.

Lord James Rennell of Rodd - 4th Baron Rennell, United Kingdom; 35 years old; inherited the title in 2006 from his uncle. James is a senior marketing and publicity expert, and partying is second nature to this blue-eyed bachelor. He enjoys playing tennis, squash, skiing and surfing.

The Honourable Oliver Plunkett of Dunsany - Heir to the Barony of Dunsany; Republic of Ireland; 28 years old. He lives in the 900 year old Dunsany castle that is filled with priceless antiques and runs his own computer game company. Oliver enjoys socializing in members-only social clubs, playing croquet and skiing.

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